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Golden Circle Tropical Juice
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tastes okay but not that good. expected a more fresh natural taste.
Solid choice
If you enjoy a bit of juice around breakfast or even just want a sweet cold drink (best refrigerated), this is a great choice. If you find it too sweet simply add some water to your cup and dilute the mixture. Golden Circle have a wide variety of Juices; apple and orange are available if you prefer non mixed fruits.
Yummy fruit juice
Has all the fruits practically squeezed into one bottle! a bit too sugary for my taste so I water it down or add some mineral for some fizziness and fun!
Just alright
I thought this juice was ok. It has a nice tropical flavour but it tastes really artificial and it's also quite sweet.
Too sweet
Pretty good juice but the tropical flavour is very sweet. Always mix with a water. Prefecr the apple one
My kids love this juice and it is such a great value for price. The taste amazing and give me that tropical fruits feeling. I just not like the bottle because there is no handle and its difficult for kids to pour so they need an adult to help them out. Other than that like it.
Pretty good for juice, but not sure it is worth the extra money compared to homebrand. The container is also hard for me to pour without a handle, as it is quite heavy. However, my stronger husband has no issues.
Love it!
So refreshing! Love this flavour, definitely buying again. Best when chilled.
Overall great tasting juice. Great for parties and dinners.
love the brand love the tast
great product love the taste and the brand will be buying again
Best juice
Refreshing, great taste. Not to sweet or bland. Best served chilled
Nice juice
Great product. I usually drink unsweetened OJ but my daughter doesn't like it so I bought this. She loves it so I tried it too. It has a good balance of flavours with none overpowering. Even though it is a no added sugar product, it does use some very sweet fruits so... I then mixed it 50:50 with the OJ and that was simply brilliant.
Not good.
This product contains too much sugar and is not good for health. I'm giving it two stars coz its tastes good otherwise I don't prefer it.
Golden Circle is the most reliable brand fruit juice I buy. Consistent flavour and very refreshing to drink. All flavours appeal to me but Tropical Juice is simply my favourite. You will not be disappointed if you try it.
To Sweet
I tried this product and it had a nice tropical taste but it was way to sweet

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