Gourmet Garden Basil Cold Blended Paste

4.7 5 0 111 111 Gourmet Garden Basil Cold Blended Paste is made with sweet basil, grown by Aussie farmers on broad-acre farms in Biloela Queensland, where with warm subtropical climate and rich soil delivers the optimum conditions for flavoursome, aromatic herbs.
Gourmet Garden Basil Cold Blended Paste


Tastier than dried herbs
This is a great go to, when I can’t get, or can’t be bothered with fresh herbs. Much tastier than dried herbs, and so convenient. My favourite for midweek “in a hurry” dishes.
Tasty herb paste
I like this herb mixed paste that done the mix job for me already that ready to use. It tastes great and last long in the fridge. The only issue is the ingredient inside can be healthier like use olive oil/avocado oil to mix it
Enhances meals
Use this regulary in pasta dishes to flavour meats when roasting easy and quick time saver .dont have to spend time chopping herbs.
Love the freshness
Love the freshness and convenience of this its super tasty and my go to in my spaghetti bolognaise or on our home made pizzas which can be used as part of the base mixture or with the tomato paste to really pack a flavour punch!
Good stuff
A great product, and substitute for the real thing. When you consider price point, flavour, and effectiveness of this tube, you know that you are getting a good value for money. This is a great product, but cakes for a long enough duration, making it really good value for money, and a really good substitute for growing a fresh herbs.
Go to herbs
I love fresh herbs but can't seem to grow basil. This is the next best thing. Tasty and stays fresh in the fridge. The tube squeezes easy too!
Flavour galore
Love this for adding to pesto,pastas and spaghetti dishes. Also a little mixed into salads or cheese dishes. Easy ,handy and has a lovely flavour and doesn’t taste fake
Secret little ingredient
I always have this in my fridge as it can lift any dish to a whole new level. Sometimes a squirt of this is all you need to at some pizzazz to a meal. Tasty and fresh, packed full of flavour.
Easy herb blend
Great flavour to add to any Mediterranean dish. Cheaper option to buying fresh. Flavour melts in to ingredients, whereby the Garden Fresh chopped mixed herbs sits more on the surface of the dish and stronger in flavour.
Winter alternative to fresh
Handy to keep in the fridge or freezer when basil is out of season.
Amazing substitute, much easier
Personally I freeze and it works just as well and lasts much longer too. Smells great. I like to use more then recommended because it’s not as strong as fresh produce
Great if fresh isn't available
It's great to use in rubs for roast meats. I must admit I use fresh when I have it but this is great to keep in the fridge. It stays fresh tasting after you open it too.
So convenient
A staple in our fridge for when you don't have any fresh herbs but dried wont cut it. I find it does start to look bad pretty quickly but does last for quite a long time, despite it browning early.
A must in our fridge..
Has become a staple of products we always have ready to go..
Fresh tasting herbs paste
I love the Gourmet Garden Basil Cold Blended Paste! It is more convenient for me to use than fresh herbs, which often go to waste. The herb paste keeps for longer and tastes just as aromatic. I use this paste in stir-fry's, pizza bases, pasta dishes, casseroles and even soups. You can literally use it in any dish you like. I love experimenting with my food and using Gourmet Garden Basil Cold Blended Paste is quick and fuss free. Highly recommend this product.

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