Gourmet Garden Basil Cold Blended Paste

4.7 5 0 154 154 Gourmet Garden Basil Cold Blended Paste is made with sweet basil, grown by Aussie farmers on broad-acre farms in Biloela Queensland, where with warm subtropical climate and rich soil delivers the optimum conditions for flavoursome, aromatic herbs.
Gourmet Garden Basil Cold Blended Paste


Herb paste
Excellent product, always ready at hand without the need to chop basil,my favourite herb. Great taste and ready to go. Love it
many uses
handy to keep in the fridge lasts ages and adds plenty of flavour to meals and salads.
So Handy
Love these tubes of herbs. They are so handy. It's great to have them in the fridge to use in my cooking when I prefer fresh over dried herbs. They last Welland are super flavoursome. Wouldn't be without them.
Staple in the kitchrn
I use this product all the time to cook with. It is fresh and easily stores in the fridge. The convenience allows you to get it out of the fridge at any time and add it to any meal.
Love this stuff in my bruschetta it just tastes so amazing and just makes it so much better! It gives those foods just a little bit of a pick me up and it's great! Love it so much, not sure what else to use it for but its better then having to chuck massive chunk of basil leaves on the food in my opinion
Must have.
I make chicken soup every week through out winter. This liquid basil is the absolute best it gives my soup that sweetness I love.
This is a staple in our kitchen. It's handy to have on hand to throw in a dish for an extra layer of flavour
Gourmet Garden Basil Cold Blended Paste
Gourmet Garden Basil Cold Blended Paste offers a convenient and fresh way to infuse the vibrant flavour of basil into your dishes. This paste captures the essence of real basil, preserving its aromatic qualities without any compromise. The cold blending process ensures that the flavour and nutrients remain intact, adding a burst of herbal goodness to your cooking. The easy-to-use tube allows for precise measurements, making it effortless to add the perfect amount of basil to your recipes. Gourmet Garden's commitment to quality and convenience shines through in this paste, providing a hassle-free way to elevate the taste of your dishes with the essence of fresh basil.
Staple in my fridge
For when you just need a bit in your cooking and don't want to be buy a whole bunch this is the perfect staple ingredient in the fridge. I always recommend it
A fridge staple flavour bomb
Who does not love the smell of basil and the way it elevates even the simplest of dishes? This basil in a tube is always on hand in our fridge. The flavour is amazing and it is especially convenient come the cooler months when fresh basil is harder to come by or warmer moths when there is none on hand. But really, it does not matter what time of year, this basil product screams flavour that is convenient.
Fridge staple
Love this brand, love this product. I keep a range of flavours in my fridge including the basil. It is particularly handy during the winter months for soup, casseroles and crock pot meals. Convenient, hassle free and tasty.
Fridge must have
I always have a tube of this in the fridge in particular for Thai green curries and pasta. Super easy, fresh and packed with flavour
I always have a tube of this blend in my fridge, it adds great taste, easy taste to pasta dishes and I use this on a weekly basis. Great consistency and a little goes a long way with regards to flavour.
Convenient and easy to use
This is great to keep in the fridge to add to meals for a little bit of extra flavour, and it keeps really well.
Easy to use
It is so convenient and easy to use. While it doesn't have the same punch of freshness as making it yourself it is still very tasty and actually still has a lot of freshness.

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