4.8 5 0 187 187 Love the colour, flavour & aroma of fresh herbs but hate the wastage - buying a whole bunch when you only need a few leaves? Gourmet Garden - Lightly Dried Herbs & Spices are the answer!
Gourmet Garden Lightly Dried Herbs & Spices
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Keep good
These have great flavour and keep a lot longer than fresh herbs
Great, handy and flavoursome
As a chef, I appreciate my herbs & spices. These are fantastic for home cooking, packed with flavour and keep for weeks in the fridge or freezer. I buy these regularly.
I love these because they are already chopped up and in resealable bags so they stay fresh. I've found they are freezable too.
A great alternative to fresh herbs. There is no waste, and the taste is just like the fresh product. I am a big fan.
Great to keep in the fridge for when you forget to buy fresh herbs. They last for a long time even after they're opened and offer almost the same taste to dishes as fresh herbs would.
I love to use fresh herbs in nearly everything i cook but i find they sometimes go bad before i get a chance to use them because you can only ever buy huge bunches. With these gourmet garden lightly dried herbs they just sit in the fridge and are always ready when i need to use them, love the resealable package so i can use a little or a lot and stays good for weeks although i usually go through a couple of packs per week so i havn't truly tested that part. They add great flavour to my meals and these are now a staple product in my kitchen and i no longer have any herbs going to waste. LOVE THEM!
Best thing ever brought out! I use herbs in everything i cook, but hate the pain of having half of it stick to the chopping board. Its so convenient to just grab my tubs out and sprinkle it straight in.
I love the convenience of these packets. I was one of those people who often uses herbs, but rarely each one enough to prevent a bunch from going 'off' before I could use them all, and I hate chopping them. These packets mean chopping is no longer needed and they hardly take up any room at all. I have mine in one of the little door compartments in my fridge and they last for weeks even after opening. It's a pity they don't have herbs like rosemary and thyme. I hope they expand the range soon.
I have been avoiding buying fresh herbs as I usually only need a small amount and end up throwing away the rest. I love that it is already chopped, all I need to do is add it to my dish. It stays fresh for weeks after opening.
I always have trouble to use the whole brunch herb that I bought from the shop and it's make me feel bad as I waste the food. One day, i found this in the supermarket and I love this product as it can keep fresh in the fridge longer and won't waste anymore. It a;so keep very good color of the herb them the dry one.
these are good and i find last a lot longer in the fridge than the couple weeks it says on the packet
what a great product, now I can have 'fresh' basil all year round.
I have tried the basil and it's something I keep in my fridge all the time it's fantastic.
Last very long. Tried coriander and basil. Very practical.
Very convenient when fresh herbs aren't available.Taste great and much nicer than fully dried herbs

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