4.3 5 0 21 21 Rich, bold and intense with Flavour. Gravox is our Best Beef Gravy is an instant dissolve powder that is easier to use, produces a strong beef aroma and deep Umami beef flavour. This gravy is also rich with a dark brown colour like in real beef jus.
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Ex-Chef approved.
Normally only have gravy mix in the cupboard for quick fix nights as Hubby being an ex-chef makes it from scratch. However he himself picked up a jar of this to give a try. And he was impressed. As was I and the 2 kids. It actually tastes like a decent flavoured gravy straight out of the jar. While we still have gravy made from scratch most of the time, this is now often in our cupboard and not dreaded as having to need the quick fix for the sauce, as we can all enjoy it without the extra time to make our own.
Good Gravy!
I love Gravy and have tried so many brands. this is one of my favourites. It's so easy to whip up to have with a delicious roast chicken or smothered over some hot chips for a tasty snack!
Nice taste
Easy to make up and very flavoursome . The family liked it too
Yummy gravy
Every week I make Gravox gravy in the roasting dish and decided to try this version of their gravy powder not expecting as a big a flavour boost as I got. Compliments were generously given and it got the thumbs up from all at the dinner table for taste and thickness consistency.
Great flavour
We usually use the normal Gravox gravy but decided to give this a go. The flavour of this is much more intense and also tastes more homemade. We mix this into meat juices in the pan and no one knows it's not a gravy that took only a couple of minutes to make!
a great product,very tasty and easy to make try it you will love it
easy to use
Expected richer deeper flavour Was a good thick consistency and easy to whip up for dressing meal but expectations were probably a bit high considering it said its their best.
Great gravy
A recipe for a casserole specifically called for this brand so I bought it not expecting much as I'm not a fan of many gravy bases. I was so surprised...it was so good and certainly made the dish complete. I've used it in meat pies and just as a gravy..best I've tried yet.
The best gravy ever and so easy to make
Easy to make, no lumps and packed with flavour. Been buying this for years now.
Home style rich and thick
Rich and thick with bold flavours. Kids loved it with their chips.
Gravity our best gravy
This gravy is just far to salty,so unfortunately the rest of the jar will sit in the cupboard until it’s out of date then it will find itself tossed in the bin..
Gravox beef gravy
Very good gravy and convenient. Could be a bit less in salt. Easy to make.
This is so salty tasting that after using it once it has sat in the cupboard since. It doesn't even taste like traditional gravy, let alone a better version of it. I'd liken it to the maggi caterers gravy you get in those massive yellow buckets and served in pretty much every pub in Australia. If you like that you may like this.
The best gravy!
The absolute best gravy, ever! It is really great to mix, very smooth and has the best flavour no matter which actual flavour is purchased. No improvements needed on this gravy, absolutely recommended to all!
Great flavour but thin
Love the flavour of this but to get a thick consistency I find I have to use a lot which can make it very strong

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