4.8 5 0 5 5 Green's Anna's Triple Choc Fudge Brownie Premium Mix is now available. It contains no artificial colours or flavours and is filled with chocolate pieces.
Green's Anna's Triple Choc Fudge Premium Brownie Mix
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Really good box mix
I usually only make brownies from scratch and don't really like box mixes but this one is amazing! It's just as good as homemade ones (if not maybe even better!) and super reasonably priced also.
Very yum
They are really easy to make and turn out super good, they can be made more fudge by baking for less time as well. I love the chocolate pieces. This is also really dangerous because it so hard to stop eating them
Fudgey chocolatey delight
Absolutely delicious treat! Super moist very sticky chocolate fudge texture and strong chocolate taste. Very easy to make and reasonably priced. Awesome treat for everyone!!
Soft and moist
These brownies are so soft and moist. I love them so much. They are very easy to make and fast. Plus they taste delicious. I wouldn’t change a thing because they are perfect the way they are.
If you love brownies you have to try this so easy to make and affordable great rich tasty chocolate flavoured brownies yummy the whole family enjoyed them so I will be making them again

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