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Green's Classic Banana Bread Mix
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This is okay.
I normally make my own banana bread but they were to expensive out of season so i thought id try this mix and i enjoyed it but it wasn't as good as homemade which i expected. Its banana taste isnt strong enough for my taste but my kids enjoyed it and was easy to make.
Simply delicious
The best thing about Green's is the simplicity of the method and the perfect results. This banana bread mix is delicious, very easy to make, and gives a nice, soft perfectly sweet and banana flavored bread. The price is as good as the product itself. I would recommend it.
Easy and Delicious
I have bought the Greens Banana Bread Mix a few times and it never disappoints. It is easy to make and and always turns out perfect and always tastes so good. I would definitely recommend this product.
Easy to make
Greens products are extremely easy to make and taste great, but I found each product only taste good the day you made it.
Love Greens cakes
I only buy Greens cake mixes with the banana cake being my favourite. Always have a couple of packs in the pantry, just love the taste.
so easy to make
so easy to make and it taste great the kids loved making it will be buying again
My fav packet cake
Easy to follow instructions, has the favour of a homemade banana bread. It`s very light and not greasy.
The whole family loved it!
We all love banana bread and always try new ones when we find them. This is a great addition to our favourites - tasty, moist, and very moreish. Highly recommend it, totally A+
Taste the banana
Such a great product.so easy to make so great for those who don’t get in the kitchen much.love that you can taste the banana infact it’s better then some that I have brought from a shop.
Great quick option
Nothings as good as made from scratch but this is close. Great for when you’re in a hurry. Lovely and moist
One of our favourites
This is definitely a favourite in our household. Absolutely moist and delicious
Nice flavour
Greens are one of my favourite cake mix brands they are always quick and easy to make, this cake was really nice, i have tried most of their other cake mixes and have never been disappointed with any of them.
Great when you want to quickly whip up a banana bread. Nothing like baking from scratch. But greens are one of my favourite, it’s a shame sometimes you have to buy 2 packs to make a decent sized banana bread or cake though
alternative to start from scratch
I generally cook from scratch but if I need a quick mix I will always reach for a Greens. So many choices in their range and always reasonably priced.
Classic and Delicious
This banana cake is delicious! Very simple and easy to make and is great for a sweet snack!

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