4.8 5 0 64 64 You can’t go past a classic! These simple, yet delicious fudge brownies will leave you wanting more!
Greens Triple Choc Fudge Brownie
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best brownies ever
I do not bake often but saw this on special in a catalogue and thought I would give it a try. Talk about delicious. I am now addicted to baking brownies. They don't taste like your typical box product they taste more like home made brownies. The whole family love them. I would make them once every 2 weeks now. The kids always put it on my shopping list as a batch will only last a few days LOL.
Satisfies chocolate cravings
The grandkids loved it & demolished it very quickly. It was just a bit too rich for me but would make it again for the kids.
I made this and even though I rarely eat sweets I LOVED it! Soft and chewy on the inside and crisp on the outside!
Brownie Crunch
Best easiest Brownies ever. I sometimes like to add crushed cashews or almonds to the mix, this gives it a yummy gooey crunch. Always have a couple of packets in the cupboard for when friends/guest come over. 😋
so yummy
I love this Greens Tripple Chocolate Brownies they are so easy to make indulgent chololate flavour so yummy only problem is you can't stop at one this was such a big hit in my house
Lovely brownie mix
My husband smashes down these brownies when i make them last a day if that if my kids are home and i dont even get a piece! Easy and quick to make. Very nice flavour and really good with homemade frosting.
Easy and Delicious
I have bought the Greens Triple Choc Fudge Brownie a few times as it is so easy to make and always tastes so yummy. I will definitely keep buying this product.
Excellent taste
I buy these brownies often because of their taste, I like the crunch on the outside and gooey from the inside. The instructions are really easy to follow and they turned out perfect. I add chocolate chip inside to make it even more chocolaty.
Another green's success very rich creamy and chocolaty i like my brownies a little sticky so i take them out of the oven at least 5 minutes early they come out soft gooey and extra yummy.
Quick and Easy
I never use packet cake mixes and was surprised at how good this tasted. Not only was it quick and easy to prepare but the Chocolate Flavour was rich and intense. The Brownies were soft, chewy and the chocolate melted, everything you would expect to taste. A great product, can highly recommend.
Yum and so easy to make
Yum Yum this was so easy to make and just so yummy with a hot chocolate on a yucky day. Would purchase again and again.
I am a chocky addict and have tried this product with no intention of shairing but to my surprise it turned out a little flat . Not sure what went wrong , taste was great but to look at no , pretty sure I did something wrong in preparation as this is the first Greens cake I have made that did not come out looking like what was on the box. , so to save embarrasement I ate the lot
This pack makes the perfect brownie, OMG absolutely delicious, my mouth waters just thinking about it. Fresh out of the oven with some cream on top and you’ll be in gooey sweet brownie heaven. Highly recommended
A favourite for my son to make whenever his bestie is over. Easy! Super yummy.
This is my go to mix when people want me to bake for a party and i just dont want to. They are so easy to make and so gooey everyone loves them. I just pretend i made them and they will never know. EVER!

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