4.3 5 0 253 253 An invigorating Itchy Scalp conditioner that leverages Head & Shoulders’ proven HydraZinc formula to immediately soothe and help protect against itchy scalp. Use in conjunction with Head & Shoulders Itchy Scalp Care Shampoo
Head & Shoulders Itchy Scalp Care Conditioner
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Husbands go to
Husband loves head and shoulders and won’t use anything else. He suffers from eczema and it works well for him.
Antidandruff my backside
I suffer from eczema on my scalp and of course in summer it gets worse so I headed out to get this... welll.. I can’t say anything positive.. firstly it’s not all it’s cracked up to be, it didn’t help at all and the smell is just yuck! I couldn’t even give it away...
No more flakeyness!
Highly recommend this product for anyone that has extremely dry, dandruff prone itchy hair! Before using this I could sit there and watch thousands of flakes fall out when I would rub it (no kidding) it left me feeling very uncomfortable and anxious. It was quite visable too. When I started using this product I didn’t have much faith until a few weeks later I started seeing results! While it hasn’t completely gotten ridden of the dandruff it’s improved SO much and I no longer have to worry about brushing my hair and white flakes ending up EVERYWHERE. Has been a great product for me personally.
I was surprised at how great my hair felt as it's usually still dry feeling but this felt soft and silky
I use this head and shoulders for my hair to get rid off dandruff its works well
This is a good product, and cooling on the scalp less itching
Nice shampoo that can be used every day without the dry out feeling. Works well very nice scent.
I use this product all the time and find it great. My scalp is never itchy and I never suffer from dandruff. I also use the shampoo.
This product works after a few washes, but I find it makes my scalp tingle. I like the scent - eucalyptus or tea tree oil. this stuff works for dandruff
Mt daughter uses head and shoulders, I gave her the Pantene to try but she went back to head and shoulders. She said the conditioner doesn't stick to your hair and doesn't take ages to get out, and it helps with her frizzy hair. She loves it and always returns to that. She did have stress sores on her head and found this conditioner helped with that
Great for dandruff, for all the family great smell and available in most stores. Reasonable price, for quality.
I use it almost everyday and I love it. The only big downer is the prices. I have bad dandruff and head and shoulders are the only stuff that worked.
I have tried this product and really liked it. I liked the fresh smell and felt it did a great job controlling itchy scalp. I often have allergic reactions to health and beauty products but have not had any issues with Head & Shoulders. Definitely buying this again.
Every now and then I suffer from dry itchy scalp. Head and shoulders does an amazing job of dealing with the issues, there's a genuine difference after the first wash. I do however tend to use the shampoo only followed by a moisturizing conditioner as I have dry hair that needs extra moisture. Overall head and shoulders delivers on it's promise and is my number one option when I suffer from dry or itchy scalp.
Hi I tried this product and found it quite good and it cleaned and stopped the itchiness and lasted quite some time although the conditioner was not that good as it left my hair dry until the natural oils took over and then easy to comb and manageable Ray

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