5 5 0 7 7 Heilala Pure Vanilla Paste has been repackaged in a newly designed 65g pack containing the amount of over 12 pods. This kosher certified product comprises 100% pure vanilla, is claimed to be brilliant for cookies, cheesecakes and adding to cream and is described as distinctive dark flecks without the fuss and as effortless way to add a premium touch with exceptional taste and fragrance.
Heilala Pure Vanilla Paste
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Natural vanilla flavour
This paste is quite pricey, however the small jar contains pure, natural vanilla. It’s therefore concentrated and you only need a small amount to add amazing vanilla flavour and aroma to cakes, biscuits, muffins and ice-cream etc. it’s really versatile and easy to use.
Great product!
It is on the more expensive side but it's worth it! The jar lasts for a long time, the scent is amazing and you only need a little bit in your cake to make the whole house smell mothwatering good!
Good vanilla taste
Stumbled across this product because it was on special and now it's my preferred brand. Flavour is great. I use it a lot in baking and in smoothies.
I do a lot of baking, the vanilla paste is perfect, store it in the fridge, tastes as good as fresh vanilla beans. Fresh beans are more expensive and go off quickly after opening the packet. Paste is the solution for me
Delicious taste and perfect for vanilla cheesecake. I've also used it in biscuits. It is very easy to incorporate in recipes.
A perfect addition
This product is great, the taste is amazing. I use it in so many recipes. I prefer this paste to vanilla essence.
Great product
I’ve only just discovered this & haven’t looked back! It’s got a nice, real flavour about it. We’ve almost finished the whole jar in just a few weeks!

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