4.8 5 0 5 5 Hey Tiger Best Mates Coconut & Caramelised Popcorn Milk Chocolate is described as crunchy coconut and caramelised popcorn in smooth milk chocolate with 35% cocoa. The handmade chocolate retails in an 85g pack.
Hey Tiger Best Mates Coconut & Caramelised Popcorn Milk Chocolate
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Oh my gosh this is so decadent! YUM!
I wasn't going to try this chocolate as I thought it was a bit expensive but I am so glad I did. What a wonderfully smooth chocolate with a decadence that can't be matched by other chocolates. The flavours melded well together and nothing overpowered and no one flavour stood out too much above the other. It was well made and I just couldn't stop eating it. And that is good for me as I am not much of a chocolate eater. All I can say is YUM!
Delicious Choc by a great brand
The chocolate combinations (specifically this one) are so bougie and delicious. There is so much to love about this brand other than the delicious taste. They're products are fair trade and they work with the Hunger project to assist communities in Ghana. These blocks make a perfect gift! Love the packaging they come in.
Special delivery
OMG I got a thank you gift and was lucky enough to have one of these blocks with it. My goodness. So good and the box is so sweet. Would be happy to have ones of these on a daily basis if I could. Worth trying it!!
Love these
Love this brand! This flavour is scrumptiously delicious. Packaging is the cutest
I’m a popcorn addict so I would try this one flavours seem interesting ideal size great for lunches

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