4.9 5 0 33 33 Hoyt's Hungarian Style Sweet Paprika has been repackaged. This finest quality product can be used on pizza, eggs, soft cheese or sprinkled on salads, meat and poultry dishes, goulash, devilled chicken, sausage, salami and most Hungarian dishes. The all-natural product has been packed in Australia from imported ingredients, and retails in a refillable and recyclable 190g pack.
Hoyt's Hungarian Style Sweet Paprika
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Good paparika
This paprika is good and instantly adds flavor and color to the dish.
Great flavour
This spice is an all rounder and so versatile. I’ve put in so many of my dishes and it really amps up the flavour. Yummo!!
this adds a distinct flavour to my beef stroganoff
Best value for paprika
Full of flavour and inexpensive, Hoyts has definitely packed their spices into a user convenient jar.
I love this on hot chips and it’s perfect for use in Mexican and stroganoff
Nice Flavour
I love this Paprika, I use it mainly for Hungarian Goulash but looking to find other recipes. I love the flavour it adds to the meal. My fussy family loves it too!
Adds colour & flavour to almost everything
I love this Paprika, I use it on all kids of meat, vegetables & even fish. I love the flavour it adds & the natural colour it gives. This product is a pantry staple at my house
Good value
Tastes good good value for money good size bottle.
My favourite.
I always buy this brand not only for Paprika but also for other spices. I prefer them because you get more in your packet and you're not paying for a container.
This is always part of my spice cupboard Good colour good flavour Great to use whenever you need paprika hard to go past this one
Pantry Staple
This is a pantry staple in my home. Great for adding flavour and colour to just about any dish and in pretty much every cuisine you can think of.
Awesome flavour
Great spice, just the right size to re-fill my jar. Use it for almost everything.
Staple spice
Regular staple spice in my pantry. I use it in most meals, great flavouring for roast meats, Steak, chicken & lamb. Amazing in stews & casseroles as well.
Handy larger size
As a lover of paprika I use it in a lot of my cooking, this is a staple in my pantry. The larger size container is brilliant, I can sprinkle it on/in my food without worrying about running out quickly.
Must have
This is a staple in our culture and this brand does not disappoint

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