4.8 5 0 65 65 Stay hydrated with Hydralyte’s Electrolyte Powder Sachets Apple Blackcurrant, it’s formula is designed to replace water and electrolytes lost due to heavy sweating, vomiting, diarrhoea, excess alcohol consumption & or vigorous exercise.
Hydralyte Electrolyte Powder Sachets Apple Blackcurrant
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Great stuff for travel overseas.
We took this with us for a four month trip around the world. It was so handy yo have, we now keep it on hand.
It’s great
We find the product fantastic for the kids. Wether they be sick and dehydrated or teething and have a fever, these bad boys do the trick to help reduce the effects on sore gums, bring temperatures down with some Panadol or just a cool treat, they are great for a variety of situations. We make our own one locks out of them or even as a drink (mainly ice-blocks). Highly recommend and still continue to buy this product and always have them in the freezer now that we once again have a teething baby. A little sweet for me as a adult but the kids love em so I’m not complaining at all I just have a different treat for myself ☺️
Have used this a few times, when unwell and can't keep anything down. Excellent way to stay hydrated
Hydralyte Powder
This is my go to powder whenever I'm sick or worked out a bit too much. I love the apple blackcurrant flavour, it's my favorite. This little beauty is a lifesaver and everyone should have it in their household. It does exactly what it states. Replenishes your body with the fluids it needs to get back into tip top fighting shape.
Would highly recommend
I love this product. Tastes great and keeps you hydrated for over 4 hours. I love the great taste and the affordability.
It works!
While I didn’t find the flavour very refreshing it certainly helped my daughter and I when we both came down with gastro. It mixed easily & wasn’t grainy to drink.
For hydralite
Good product for adults and also for kids. Tasty nice and help
Handy sachets
Love hydralyte. Love that it comes in handy sachets and can be taken anywhere and used anytime. Nice taste and perfect for whole family
Perfect rehydration kick
These are great. I not only use them if I'm sick or if my son is sick but, I also use them if I'm feeling dehydrated and water just isn't cutting it. As soon as I start feeling lethargic and dehydrated, I have one of these and I feel great. I've been using this product for years and I highly recommend it.
Great for when kids get sick but don’t feel like eating, I always make sure I have this stocked up ready to go, I even took it to Bali!
This is so what you need during illness. Works well , has a great flavour
I always have some hydralyte stashed in the pantry. Its good for hot days, if someone is sick, sport and the list goes on and on.
Perfect in summer or whilst being sick, comes in a few flavours but this is defiantly the best one and was a hit with the kids
These are really tasty, best flavour by far. I brought these little sachets on a 14 hour flight with me to keep hydrated, worked and tasted a treat.
I have always had the tubes of electrolyte in my freezer for when the kids are unwell or looking dehydrated after sport. I tried these as an alternative for the teenagers and they went down well. Great alternative if you want something immediate.

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