4.8 5 0 163 163 Their noodles are made from carefully selected ingredients, the best quality flour and fresh spices from the natural resources of Indonesia giving it a unique and delicious flavour.
Indomie Mi Goreng Instant Noodles
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Best noodles
These are the only packet noodles I will buy. Yes they are unhealthy but they're perfect to have in the pantry, and great as a student due to the low cost.
Best product
Me and my kids loves it. Its having very good test. So, I would recommend to everyone if you speacially like spicy one then they do have chilli flavor as well which is very spicy..
Love this quick and easy meal whole family enjoy has loads of flavour
The best quick snack.
Love my Mi Goreng. The best quick snack on the market. Have it for lunch all the time.
Cheap and easy
These are such a quick and easy meal. Super tasty and very quick to make. I only wish they were more nutritional. You can also use them in stirfris or ther noodle dishes as they are super versatile
Good, has lots of fat in it.
It's great tasting but lots of plastic sachets as somebody else mentioned, has palm oil which isn't environmentally sustainable for the wildlife, great if your on a budget and need something to get you by.
So much plastic
My partner loves these noodles but I absolutely loathe them. Not only are they ridiculously messy to make, the amount of plastic wasted after each serve is atrocious. It would be better if the seasonings came in bottles to be used multiple times instead on individual servings
Delicious but at a cost...
These noodles are undeniably delicious. However, aside from their lack in nutritional value, they also contain palm oil which as we all know, is harmful to the orangutans. Great taste but at a grave cost.
What's not to love?
Best noodles hands down. I always have them in our house hold, even my kids eat them. The spicy flavour ratio is just right and the flavour is delicious. Other reason I love these noodles is because you can add eggs or veggies, pretty much anything and make a whole new meal.
Easy, quick & tatsy
It's easy, quick & tasty. It's probably not the healthiest choice out there but when it's this yummy you just eat it. I normally leave migoreng as a last resort if there's no decent food lying around. It stores well and still tastes good. Yes, I would recommend this.
I dont really like noodles but i do tend to eat some of these. My kids love these noodles as they are different and have a great flavour. Love the garlic and oil, sweet soy sauce, flavour and chilli satchets that some with them. And they are a great price and can buy them in bigger packs
Best 2 minute meal EVER
This brand of Mi Goreng is the best! Always have some in my cupboard for when I need a quick 2-minute meal. Have 2 packets to fill you up, and mix it with frozen veggies or meat to make it more nutritious.
My kids LOVE them!
Quick easy snack for the kids, who just love Mi Goreng Fried Noodles. They taste great and authentic.
Tasty and convenient
This is a wonderful meal if your on the run, the taste is authentic and delicious my favorite thing to spice it up is adding fresh bok choy and a boiled egg or two.
My favourite noodles
I love the taste, easy meal anytime in a day specially when you tired and can't cook.

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