4.8 5 0 185 185 Their noodles are made from carefully selected ingredients, the best quality flour and fresh spices from the natural resources of Indonesia giving it a unique and delicious flavour.
Indomie Mi Goreng Instant Noodles
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Fantastic for any meal
These noodles are my best friend. Through thick and thin, Indomie have been there. Wether it be a quick snack in the afternoon or a base for a hearty dinner, mi goreng does it all. Love this product to death!
Always in the Cupboard
Have these always in the cupboard, can moderate the flavour by adding less oils,spice mix and oyster sauce that come in each packet. Adding a fried egg also brings these simple noodles to a new level.
Yummy, quick snack/meal!
Great tasting noodles! Indomie Mi Goreng is a great, quick meal or snack to prepare. The seasonings make for a tasty food, to be eaten by itself or add your own toppings. Great to keep in the pantry.
Where do I start, Mi Goreng noodles are the holy grail of instant noodles. They are just so flavourful and amazing when topped with a fried egg. I do wish they were a little more nutritious and less calories but I guess that's why they're soo good.
Great taste not mushy seasoning was appropriate would recommend to anyone
Best of the best
These are the best instant noodles you can buy, so many options to change up the flavour, by adding whatever you like, or it already comes with delicious seasoning and flavour sachets. Will always buy.
I love these and they are very good when sounding have time.
Absolute favourite
I could eat these all day everyday day until I die
Family fav
These are mine and my kids favourite noodles. There is always some in the cupboard. Great flavour!
Quick and easy staple
What I love about these noodles is you can adjust the flavour according to your personal tastes. There are five different little flavour sachets in each packet, and you simply add what you want according to your mood/palette on any given day. They're quick and easy, you can add what you want (meat, veges, eggs, herbs), or you can simply have the noodles on its own. They will never be as good as having the having them freshly made, but they're convenient! This little review is provided free from trial.
Indo Mie Mi goreng noodles are eaten by the oodles in my household. They are tasty, quick and very convenient since we always have a supply in the pantry. Packed with flavour they fill and satisfy even the most pickiest of tummies.
Easy noodles
Really nice to eat and has a wonderful selection of flavours easy to make Noddles taste good can read how to make it easy and over all good for if your in a hurry and want something that will fill you up
My kids love these noodles
I personally didn't like these noodles, my kids loved them though. Quick afternoon inbetween snack.
Noooods ♡
Yumm!! Great for a sneaky snack or a meal, like flavour bomb and a tad spicy! Quick and easy to make which is just what you want!
Very tasty
I love these noodles - very tasty and filling. Sometimes I find the sauce pouches to be too spicy so I add only part of the sachet and taste until the flavor is perfect.

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