4.7 5 0 220 220 Their noodles are made from carefully selected ingredients, the best quality flour and fresh spices from the natural resources of Indonesia giving it a unique and delicious flavour.
Indomie Mi Goreng Instant Noodles
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Favourite noodles
These would have to be my all time favourite noodles! We always have a supply in the pantry, always good for a quick, easy and tasty lunch or snack, or if you’re in between shopping days, a great go to for a work lunch. The flavouring is just right, I love the spiciness the noodles have. I know it recommends to drain the noodles before adding the flavour sachets, but I like to leave the liquid and enjoy the spicy soup with the noodles. Always nice to have some fresh white buttered bread to soak up any remaining liquid!
Quick easy and love the taste
Myself and my daughter eat them all the time as they are a quick and easy snack
Best instant noodles
Love the flavour! When I was a student it was a staple of my diet then I gave it up for a while. On revisiting it I realised why I used to eat it so regularly...it’s delicious!
These are our goto quick meal when we are short on time! So much flavour,love love love them!
Tasty and Cheap
The whole family love these noodles. They have more flavour satchets than other brands. The beauty of the noodle pack is that you can add all or only some of the flavours, depending on your taste. I would definitely recommend this product.
Good Product
I have tried many and these are easy to cook to the softness I like by cooking a bit longer.
It’s ok for a quick meal
Used mi goreng for so long in and after uni and used to love it but after realising how unhealthy these are would not recommend for regular use. Would suggest to prefer alternative healthier options
Best noodles in the aisle
If you feel like noodles this is the go to one! Just delicious. Kids love it too, even with a little of the hot sauce.
This product is very different to other noodles it has different flavors and is very strong recommend to people who like spicy hot foods
Good value
My daughter lives on these noodles. If they ever stop making them she will be devastated. She likes the spice, just not the onion.
Quick hunger buster.
I didn't mind these noodles and the extra chilli, garlic and seasoning to add but I didn't like the fried onions. I wish the they were made in Australia.
Family's Favourite
Indo Mie are my family's favourite Instant Noodles.
love it
I absolutely love the taste, it's so nice and easy to make and keeps you full for a while
Go to lazy meal
Delicious, quick and easy snack. Perfect for those days that I’m feeling a little lazy. One pack fills you up and love that it comes in a pack of 5, so it’s great for the family. I love to top mine off with a fried egg or add some veggies to make it a little healthy.
Migoreng fried noodles
These noodles are do good and multi use. Lovely with veg, can use in seafood, soup, chow Mein, stir fry. I love to use with veg, ham or bacon, I don't like the season packs except for the season oil I think it is a soy sauce, I use a heaped spoon of Vegeta chicken stock powder put in with vegetables then cook till vegetables are soft fry up the meat and onion and add to noodle and vegetables a nice dollop of duck river butter makes a magical meal.

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