4.9 5 0 32 32 Ingham Chicken Seasoned Coating Mix goes perfectly with chicken. It contains many different ingredients, expertly blended to give chicken pieces a delicious flavour, succulence and an appetising golden colour.
Ingham's Coating Mix Seasoning Chicken
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Have used this product many times on both chicken thighs and chicken wings.. THIS IS THE BEST !!! product for chicken coating we have ever had,, and its cheap.
Regular in pantry
I buy multiple packets of this regularly to have in my pantry. It is super easy to coat the chicken and you can use it on whole chickens, chicken pieces, tenderloin etc. it’s great value for money and tastes just like shop bought southern chicken.
I use this product on wings and drumsticks, coat them and deep fry them to give them crispyness. We love it. I found using double the packets and double dipping them makes them taste better. 😀
Chicken Seasoned Coating Mix
Tried this product for something different crumbed some drumsticks, kids loved it, they preferred it to basic crumbs.
Great product . I used this when kids want take away. Crispy and good value
Easy to use and tasty!
This product is an easy and tasty way to coat chicken. The family loved it and it’s nice to have a similar kfc style chicken.
Best chicken coating!
We have tried a few chicken coatings and this has been the best one we tried. There's actually a decent amount in the packet to properly coat the chicken and I don't need to buy more than one packet just to get the chicken coated property. Loved it will definitely buy more often!
A quick and easy dinner,
A quick and easy dinner, Coat the chicken pieces and then cook accordingly making a quick and yummy dinner for the whole family
best coating for chicken
This made my fried chook taste so good.The flavours were unbelievable and the coating its self was light and not heavy at all.I didn't`t feel bloated after eating quit a few pieces
Crispy Chicken
Ingham's Coating Mix Seasoning makes life easier as you only use one Seasoning instead of using different spices. The final product tastes better than the one bought at famous franchises.
Yes I make this very often we enjoy the flavours an so easy to prepare the whole family love them so much they can’t get enough
Wish this came in a bigger pack. Makes chicken taste so good!
Love it
Tried this last week and absolutely love it, it coats the chicken well and crisps up beautifully, just wish they packaged it in a 500g pack.
Very tasty... 😃😋
This is to yammy... A am tried this product........
INGHAM Chicken Seasond Coating mix
Easy to use and i have coated a fresh whole chicken before baking it and it was lovely

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