4.9 5 0 10 10 Ingham's Super Crunch Crumbed Chicken Breast is made with 100% Aussie chicken. Deep fried crunch, baked in the oven and contains no added hormones, no added preservatives, no artificial colours or flavours.
Ingham's Super Crunch Crumbed Chicken Breast
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These are quick and tasty I put in tacos or in sandwiches with salad kids enjoy and not too messy.
Crunchy Chicken!
Really crispy and crunchy tastes delicious with a side salad or in tacos ! I will mske sure I always have a box of these in my freezer. So yummy they got the crumb spot on! Highly recommended.
family favourite
tried these for the first time last week, needing a quick, easy dinner for the family. They were great! crunchy, tasty and perfect for chicken burgers (or even on their own for the toddler's tea) have already bought again to have on hand
Great product
Brought these from Woolworths a few weeks ago. Also brought the other varieties it offered. They were so easy and simple to make. Tasted great and everyone in the house loved them. Definitely will buy again
These are amazing! So crunchy and so delicious. We use them for chicken burgers
Perfect Crunchy Burger!
My family and I loved this product. Great as a "fakeaway" option, I served them in brioche rolls with coleslaw, and a side of fries. Definitely had a nice crunch to the patty, would buy again!
Crunchy goodness
It is always a trouble to find out what to have for lunch everyday and this crumbed chicken has made life so easy for me. It can be used in different ways and taste amazing. I would bake them and have them in a sandwich or would make a salad out of them or sometimes i have them for dinner as chicken and chips.
Winner Winner
I brought these today to try as it was the first time I’ve seen them & I’m a fan of Inghams brand. I made chicken burgers for the family and they were a hit with one of my kids coming back for seconds! Will be purchasing again!
They look tasty and one I will try them...no doubt
Inhams is a high quality product and I can't wait to try these new ones

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