Jaffas Hot Chocolate

3.8 5 0 95 95 Warm up this winter with a delicious cup of orangey hot chocolate inspired by Jaffas. Yum alert!
Jaffas Hot Chocolate


So good
I actually thought this would be very strong in orange flavour but it has the right amount of orange flavour. The perfect winter night treat
Jaffa hot chocolate
Sadly it did not live up to its name, but had to try it anyway. Tasted nothing like a Jaffa.
Thought this would be delicious boy was i wrong. It leaves a very powder like substance on your tongue. The flavour is bitter. Even my children don't like it.
Not bad
These are good to try but have a slight aftertaste. They’re a good option for a quick hot drink.
Jaffas hot chocolate
I bought this for my husband because he loves jaffas and he did not like it .I tried it just because I did not want to waste it and I did not like it at all. It is very thin and watery and the orange taste is too strong. Even I who never wastes anything had to throw the rest of the packets in the bin.
Not the best
I love jaffas but was quite disappointed in this product it has an odd taste but not much of jaffas it's a little Watery and I just couldn't finish even one I would never buy this again I think I'll stick to normal hot chocolate.
It's delicious it's chocolate and orange Flavour tastes so good but it should have more flavour because once you add milk and water the flavour isn't as strong
I love jaffa (aka orange chocolate flavour anything) and hot chocolate... but this hot drink was unusual. Tasted watered-down, perhaps I was expecting more jaffa so couldn't quite hit the right notes?? I was not able to finish the pack, but my sister loved them so obviously totally taste-bud dependent.
Disappointing - Taste Not Good
I love Jaffas but this does not taste like Jaffas . The flavour is not strong. My son also did not like it, i would not buy again.
Kids not fans of Jaffas
We grew up with Jaffas so I just presumed kids would like them too but they don't. They are fans of the orange chocolate flavour so the Jaffas Hot Choc was not a hit in our house.
Was excited to try this when I saw it on special. Now I now why it was so heavily marked down. It did not have a nice taste and for me didnt taste like Jaffas at all.
I got to this to try when it was on sale. It had a great taste to it. It was not to strong and sweet and is a great drink to have as a treat or on a cold day.
Jaffas in a mug
Loved it! Brings me back to the UK but how pleasant is it, hot cocoa and Jaffas in one? Yummy! Best buy!
My sons love this one, especially on a cold night.
Thank you, next.
I normally love choc orange but this was a weak, flavorless hot chocolate substitute. It was a watery consistency even with milk. Maybe more chocolate and orange is needed or a bigger sachet? But I still wouldn't buy again - Fantales one in the same range was just as bad.

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