4.3 5 0 15 15 Jalna makes this wholemilk natural yoghurt in the traditional pot set way, from milk containing only the naturally-occurring A2 beta-casein protein and which is free from all A1 beta-casein protein.
Jalna Pot Set A2 Protein Yoghurt Whole Milk Natural
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Great for baking
We use yoghurt a fair bit in cooking and this does not split, does not have an overpowering flavour and great to add own fruit and honey
Delicious and great for sensitive tummies
This delicious yoghurt is super creamy but oozing with goodness. Great for balancing little tummies and supporting great gut health. We serve it with berries, banana and a handful of muselie for crunch.
Perfect as a breakfast option or an afternoon snack. Full of healthy and tasty goodness .
Jalna is a classic brand - has the best yougurt flavours and the A2 protein variety suits our household's health requirements
Jalna pot set yoghurt is thick and creamy goodness. It has a great natural flavour and the A2 protein range is just perfect for sensitive tummies.
Very yummy. a little thick but flavor really good. Kids love them and it doesn't taste too sweet like others
I love the creamy texture of the yoghurt. It is delicious and has a nice after taste however I find it to be a bit more pricey than the other brands out there.
I love Jalna products and absolutely love this one, it is a good probiotic for a healthy gut. I have a bowl full each morning with fresh fruit and feel that it gives me a good start to the day
This is a really thick, tasty yoghurt that doesn't upset my digestive system. I love adding strawberries and having this as a healthy dessert - a great alternative to my beloved ice cream!
My husband loves this product as he ventures on a weight loss journey!
Not fussed on jalna products I like the tub bit pricey need more value for money
I love this yogurt! I buy it every week. I give it to my kids daily with fruit, I use it in cooking as a cream substitute and I love the taste too.
I love Jalna products and this one is delicious, I mix fruit through it and viola a healthy dessert for the whole family
Not impressed, is okay for putting in cooking but tasteless eaten straight. I can make just as good for much cheaper.
Honestly wouldn't recommend this one more than any other really nothing stood out or made me want to buy it over another again.

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