4.8 5 0 50 50 Jif Cream Cleaner Lemon deals with even the toughest dirt without harsh scratching. Jif has the power to solve really tough cleaning problems without harsh scratching, so you can get maximum cleaning with minimum scrubbing. Jif is a powerful cleaner product you can rely on because it removes the most difficult dirt while taking care of your surfaces, keeping your home in pristine condition. Available in Original Fresh or Lemon Fresh fragrance.
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Amazing cleaner
JIF is by far my favourite cleaner in the house. Especially on white surfaces, it cleans and removes stains you didn’t even think were possible without damaging the surface. I always have a bottle in my house
The best
I absolutely love jif! It is so good at everything, particularly cleaning white surfaces including in the bathroom. It removes things you wouldn't think is possible! I will always have this on hand.
Love the ease of cleaning
Love the ease of cleaning the tough stains especially in the kitchen! A life saver during our house's sale inspections and open houses!
It cleans well but leaves a chalky residue that means I have to spend a lot of extra time rinsing everything after using this jif.
Jif Cream Cleanser
Excellent product. Always performs as expected. Never disappoints. I would recommend it to anyone who would like a stain removed on any cleanable hard surface. Also, cheap as chips.
Oldie but a goodie
Great product, value for money, does what it says it can do. Reliable brand.
Good old Jif
What's not like? Been around for years and just works. Also great for greasy hands after working on your car. Love it.
Great cleaner!
I have found this to be very effective cleaner in the bathroom. It does a good job getting rid of soap scum and residue. Easy to use. Leaves your bath and basin really clean.
Always leaves things sparkling
Love using it to clean my sink especially! Have been using it myself since moving out of home; my mum always used it when I was growing up
The best cleaner
This is a must for me. I use it for every cleaning in my house, bathrooms , wall, kitchen, floors and also toilet. It can scrub any mark and spot.
This product removes 99% of stains and marks on household items. It is creamy and not abrasive and wipes off easily and is not messy. I have used this product for years and recommend it very highly.
Easy to use
I use this product all the time it is easy to use great for moving stubborn marks and have a pleasant aroma
I have used Jif for more than 25 years. It is my go-to product to clean my kitchen sink and to get rid of grease.
Great cleaner
This is the best all-rounder cleaner on the market,it does all I need it to.the way it cleans everything
Great cleaner
Cleans well but the smell is a bit strong. Leave it on the surface then scrub

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