4.5 5 0 20 20 Crispy oat clusters made with beautifully baked wholegrain oats blended with a variety of delicious, chunky, crunchy nuts.
Jordans Crispy Oat Clusters Maple & Pecan
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More nuts
these are very nice I just think they need a few more extra nuts
Nice and crunchy
Love the taste of maple syrup and that it is packed full of pecan nuts. Has a lovely crunch. It's quite sweet so I like to mix this in on top of weetbix or with other plainer cereals to balance out the sweetness.
Nice but sweet
I enjoyed this very much, I loved the nuts in it. It was a good mix, I did find it a little sweet but it was very tasty. I would buy it again
A lil bit of everything
My family enjoys Jordans crispy oat clusters for breakfast. I find that it has the right mix of nuts to make it extra special.
Ridiculously addictive
I had to stop buying this cereal because I got so addicted to it. Simply delicious. I was eating too much of it because the maple flavour dissolves into the milk and tastes so yum!
Delicious cluster cereal
I've bought this on several occasions and enjoy eating it for breakfast and any time snacking. The clusters have a wonderful pecan flavour and are not too sweet. Buy them in half price to enjoy even more.
Delicious goodness
I absolutely loved this muesli! No milk required!! Not light handed on the nuts at all which is amazing!! The maple flavour was a little bit strong but still nice. I would definitely recommend!
Absolutely delicious! It made me excited to eat breakfast every morning. I would highly recommend this product as a breakfast option.
Tastes great with yoghurt and frozen berries. I have it for breakfast or a smaller amount as a supper snack.
Absolutely delicious. Nice with milk or yogurt for breakfast
Yummy Quick Snack
Love the taste and the vesatilty. Can be eaten as a breakfast cereal or a quick snack.
Quite sweet but very delicious
A good mix between crunch of nuts and the softer texture of other granola ingredients. The maple flavour is slightly overpowering and it is very sweet but so delicious. I use it as a mixer with other plain more ‘healthy’ grain and bran cereals.
Crunchy and tasty A hit with the older child and will def buy again
It’s the breakfast ever! I have it everyday with vanilla yoghurt. It’s quiet sweet tho, so the one with nuts is a great option if you don’t want anything as sweet! Little bit pricy, but on special often.
Healthiest Brekkie Cereal
Good in taste and the crunchy effect just adds onto the flavour and very healthy to eat as well.

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