3.8 5 0 4 4 Cutting sugar is a topic on everyone's lips. That's why Jordans has been working hard to reduce it. It's been a tricky thing to do, as sugar helps create the crunchy texture and taste we know you love. But with no artificial ingredients, and the help of chicory root fibre, they've created this granola with less than 5% sugar. Blended with cherries and almonds, now there's even more reasons to enjoy Jordans tasty crunchy clusters.
Jordans Low Sugar Granola Cherry & Almond
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good start
its a good start for cereals without unwanted refined sugar. I thought it was a bit bland and the flavour aspect can be improved.
Satisfying, yummy with added fruit
A satisfying breakfast that isn't full of unwanted sugars. It is a little bland by itself so I add flavoured yoghurt or fruit for added taste.
Great Product
I was recommended by my sister to try it. This is a delicious breakfast I add vanilla yogurt and some fruit.
This is a very nice start to the day. Flavour and good on the eye. Low in sugar but still tasty

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