4.4 5 0 20 20 Kellogg’s has released a new delicious breakfast cereal! Special K Nourish Cashew Macadamia & Coconut, it a great way to start your day & is sure to leave you wanting more.
Kellogg's Special K Nourish Cashew Macadamia & Coconut
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Kelloggs special k Nourish
This product is quite tasty and filling that will take you through the morning
yummy healthy breaky option
One of my favourite breakfast option.nuts,proteins,iron all incorporated so keeps fulfilling for longer.
Very nice, i rarely eat cereal but I'm loving this one, big chunky pieces, lots of nuts, healthy and not too sweet.
The added ingredients are great but the Special K flakes are like eating cardboard
Kellogg’s Special K has really stepped up their cereal game in the last few years and Nourish Cashew Macadamia & Coconut is delicious. A well balanced cereal with nutritious benefits.
Love this cereal, not boring as different taste elements and textures, love my nuts so thus is a good cereal,really enjoy the nourish range.
Another one of my favourite combination of this Special K cereal. I love the Nourish range that's specifically designed with women's wellness in mind, Simply delicious and nourishing. .
A great cereal from Kellogs. This Special K is a lot more tasty than the original. The flavours work really well together. It's also delicious with fresh berries and yoghurt. I'll keep buying this Special K.
I love those cashews, macadamia nuts and coconut pieces all together...I dont have it just for breakfast....also an afternoon or night snack....yummmy
I love it, so tasty its my favourite cereal the cashew's, macadamia and coconut gives it a lovely taste.
I love this cereal. You know special K is always good for you but with the added bonus of cashews, macadamia and coconut, you feel indulged. I great mix of flavours and a cereal to nourish you through the morning. Great 4.5 star rating confirms it is a healthy choice. One of my favourites for sure.
Love the Nourish range. Unfortunately this new one has replaced 2 others. It is a yummy cereal with yogurt or dry as a snack
Love this product, my kids did too, not too sweet, as some can be healthy but yum.
I love Special K original & was happy to try the new concept with cashews, macadamias & coconut. I was disappointed you could not taste the nuts.
Well done Special K this cereal is soooo yummy. Will buy again & again & tell everyone I know to give it a try the flavour combination is spot on.

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