4 5 0 57 57 Cooked the unique Kettle way, these potato chips are seasoned with zesty, fresh Basil Pesto which has been combined with the mild, creamy flavour of Mozzarella and a hint of garlic. Cooked in sunflower oil, they’re gluten free and 100% natural!
Kettle Chips Mozzarella & Basil Pesto
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Quite tasty
I seen a review of this Kettle Chips Mozzarella & Basil Pesto chips and decided to try. I really like the taste of the mozzarella and basil pesto flavors balanced well not to strong and the chips were fresh and crispy
A little salty.
Always great to have a pack on hand. I like these to eat as an every day snack. But in moderation because of the salt content.
Have a try
I was pleasantly surprised at these. They have good flavour and I love the basil taste. Good with a cheese dip too
Better than i expected
I was a fan of this flavour and didnt expect it to be this nice. My brother was intrigued by the flavour combo and didnt even opt to try it which was a shame.
The texture of kettle chips is the best, the right level of crunchy. This flavour is so tasty! I only buy when on special but they’re always a hit.
Flavout doesn't entice
I had these at a friends place and glad that they enjoyed them more than me, as I hate waste. They had the great kettle crunch, but I'm not a fan of basil. The mozzarella was barely there and it had a hint of garlic. For pesto lovers, give this a go
They have the great kettle crunch,flavour wise I found it a bit too much for me. Small handful was more than enough and didnt leave me wanting more than that. Im not sure which flavour was more over powering the basil or garlicky flavour.
ok but not perfect
Not a bad product but certainly would not recommend. The Flamed Steak 150g are even worse. Do NOT recommend at all !
Party favourite.
I really enjoy this flavour. I thought it would be overpowering first purchased but it’s the perfect amount of cheese to basil ratio. Definitely a party favourite!
There are a couple of reviews here referring to these chips as having a "strong cheesy taste". I'm sorry that's not the case. Mozzarella has a very mild flavour and is mainly used for recipes where you want a cheese that will melt easily. I could barely taste any mozzarella flavour but then again, I didn't expect to.
Nice mozzarella hit
My partner loves these, for me, they're not bad. There's a nice taste of pesto and mozzarella and there's a good crunch. These are a little above the regular chips, good to share at work!
Love them
Oh my! These are a favourite of mine. Will be buying them way too often!!
Yum with a Capital Y
These were on special last week at Woolies, so I bought them! Soooooo Ymmy, I meant to simply sample a few but as soon as the first chip was tried, the pack was demolished! Dangerous for Chip lovers! LOL - The normal not on special price is the only safety guard i have
I love kettle chips as they are super crunchy. These chips were okay but not as good as their other flavours. The crunch was there but the flavour could have had more basil.
Basil and Pesto crisps
I was really excited to try these new crisps. They were good, as most of the kettle crisps range is but maybe a little more pesto flavour could be used? hehe

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