4.2 5 0 25 25 KitKat Chunky Cookie Dough Bar contains a crisp wafer finger with three breakable chunks, each filled with a spoonful of cookie dough flavoured fudge and cookie pieces. All covered in deliciously smooth milk chocolate. It's the ideal treat when you're enjoying a break.
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Love it
I love KitKat chunky normally and the Cookie Dough Bar is pretty good. I still preferthe original, however, it's an ok change.
Cookies and cream
Not a fan at all. I’ll stick with sticky caramel thanks
Sweet treat
Brought this on special. Very sweet, but needed a sugar fix whilst I was at work. Didn't last long!
Kitkat chunky cookie dough
Doesn’t taste like cookie dough. Great size bar though. Got it for $1 at Woolworths. Wouldn’t buy again there are better bars out there.
Cookie Dough?
I really enjoyed this Kit Kat bar, I love the chunky style the company has come up with but I don't think this tasted like cookie dough. It was still nice but I think they could do better in terms of the cookie dough flavour.
Too sweet
I love a good kitkat and don’t usually go for the chinky style but cookie dough sounded enticing. It was ok but far too sweet for me. The cookie dough filling was just so sugary and I didn’t think it had much flavour. Think I’ll stick to the traditional kitkat in future
Kit Kat Chunky bars
It ok , but every sweet, good at $1.00 ( Coles Special) , but prefer other bars, would never pay full price
Kit Kat chunky Cookie Dough
I enjoyed the flavours overall, but it is a little bit too sweet. Good size portion, great price (on sale for just $1 at Woolies), I don't think theres much that could be changed, but if you love cookie dough then you will enjoy this treat.
Kit kat
I found the bar sweet but soft inside.not one to buy regularly,more as a treat
Pretty Good
This was pretty tasty. I like that there are three pieces that can be snapped off for sharing. It wasn't anything exceptional but I would buy it again on special.
Yummy Treat!
I love cookie dough and I love the texture of Kit Kat with this flavour! Will buy again!
This chocolate was so yummy. Hopefully kit Kat bring it out in a block.
packed with flavour, this kit kat variety is awesome! i love the different textures and its not too sweet but its sweet enough to satisfy a sugar craving. its so easy to eat and it's moreish
Helooooooo heaven!
I originally thought it would be a bit gross... But I was so wrong. This Kit Kat melts in your mouth and tastes absolutely delicious, smooth and creamy.
Loved it
Bought 2 of these and had to share with hubby, he loved it too, damn it! Would be so good in a family block!

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