4.3 5 0 44 44 KitKat Chunky Cookie Dough Bar contains a crisp wafer finger with three breakable chunks, each filled with a spoonful of cookie dough flavoured fudge and cookie pieces. All covered in deliciously smooth milk chocolate. It's the ideal treat when you're enjoying a break.
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I love the Kit Kat Chunky range and the cookie dough version is great. Admittedly not my favourite as I like the caramel flavours better, but it's got a really nice texture, the chocolate as always is delcious and thick and the wafer is crispy.
Loved it
Loved the flavour!! So yummy! Would buy this again. Yummm
I found this to be a little too sweet...compared to the other kit kat chunkies.
Really love it
I really enjoyed this kit Kat it's a bit more on the sweeter side that I can only eat half of it which is a benifits for me because it last longer. If your a sweet tooth I recommend you try this
It's ok
It's alright. Bit sweet, doesn't taste really like cookie dough.
Cookie delight
I bought one of these as a sneaky treat for myself because I love the Kit Kat range. Previously my favourite was the Chocolate Fudge Sundae but this new flavour is now the stand out for me. I can’t wait to try it again!
Return of a favourite
I seem to remember this flavour of KitKat Chunky from around 2006...then it disappeared and I've missed it ever since. So when I saw this in the store I was so happy! It's so yummy and the softness of the cookie dough filling is great with the chocolate and wafer.
This is sooooo delicious! Wish i bought more than one! The only downfall is that they haven't made this into a huge block! Will definitely be buying more as 1 bar is not enough.
Don’t like Kit Kat but this flavour they have done is absolutely amazing!
Always love a kit Kat! This flavour could have been a bit stronger, could hardly taste any cookie dough unless I bit off the chocolate and wafer and ate the filling alone. But it’s still a yummy treat
Pretty good
Was a yummy chocolate bar, just wish it had more “cookie dough” flavour to it
Not normally a fan of kitkats, but this one caught my eye as I am willing to try anything cookie dough. This hit the spot, with the right amount of textures and flavours without being over empowering.
Bring back peanut butter kit kats!!
Excitement! I'm certain they trialed this flavour years ago..when they made peanut butter kit kats. The best kit kats ever!!
I loved the kit Kat chunky as it was but this added an extra element. So delicious without being over the top. Yummmm
Kit Kats are my favourite chocolate bar, and this one is really yummy! A nice treat and something different to the normal kit kats.

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