4.4 5 0 56 56 KitKat Chunky Cookie Dough Bar contains a crisp wafer finger with three breakable chunks, each filled with a spoonful of cookie dough flavoured fudge and cookie pieces. All covered in deliciously smooth milk chocolate. It's the ideal treat when you're enjoying a break.
KitKat Chunky Cookie Dough Bar
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I like them, but not necessarily a cookie dough flavour
These are delicious, however they are not necessarily a cookie dough flavour, but still good. I much prefer the chunky kit kats over the normal sized ones
Not the greatest kit kat flavour around
Sorry I was not keen on this flavour, abit sickly.
ummm yummy
kit kat plus cookie dough =heaven!! even better put in the freezer and then eaten when the kids have gone to bed
Good product
Is definitely worth a try nice crispy wafer, tastes good. I enjoyed this as a trest
should try
loved it because it has that thick milky chocolate and crisp wafer outside
Another great chocolate from Nestle. I thoroughly enjoyed this kit kat as have my children.
A must try
loved it because it has that thick milky chocolate and crisp wafer outside. Addition of cookie dough top took it to a new level, it is not overly sweet but creamy from inside. The rie is good and it is a perfect little snack.
The best kit Kat ever hands down my favourite!!!!!!!
What a combo!
Absolutale fav! I love kit kat chunky and this flavour is immense, the cookie dough comes through after every bite! Great value for money I would recomend to anyone who loves kitkat and or cookies .Happy with purchase, great taste, would buy again. The cookie dough is soft while chewing into the bar. And it's THE BEST Kit Kat product I've tried so far, it's not expensive at all but it is a bit hard to find. So far, I've only been able to get it at convenience stores, nowhere else! When it comes to taste, if you like sweet chocolates, then you will love this. It's a bit creamy and really sweet. Personally, I love it! Classic kit kat taste combined with cookie dough flavour makes for a delicious treat!
I loved this, and the other flavours so much. It has a large sugar content, so not for a young child, but if you want a treat, this is the perfect snack. It is however, quite high and can be hard to bite.
Pregnancy craving..solved
Best snack on the go for a hungry pregnant women, just grab and eat, beautifully sweet with a perfect crunch!
The KitKat chunky range is great and I enjoyed cookie dough flavour, the waffle is always so crispy. Though I do find this abit too much and sweet sometimes and only have half at a time.
New favourite
Not sure if the kids managed to actually chew these, they pretty much inhaled them! Delicious creamy taste with a good dose of crunch, great textures in your mouth and leaves you wanting more!
I love the Kit Kat Chunky range and the cookie dough version is great. Admittedly not my favourite as I like the caramel flavours better, but it's got a really nice texture, the chocolate as always is delcious and thick and the wafer is crispy.
Loved it
Loved the flavour!! So yummy! Would buy this again. Yummm

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