4.2 5 0 50 50 Nestlé has given the iconic KitKat a sweet makeover with a brand new flavour option.
KitKat Mandarin Orange Flavour
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Bought this as it looked very interesting. But I prefer all the other Kit Kat flavours over this one. Don’t think I’ll buy it again
Interesting flavour
This had me interested as it was something different. It was slightly unusual but I found it quite nice. The fruit flavour did go well with the chocolate. I would buy this again
Wasn’t too sure when I first tasted this but really liked it for something a bit different, yes I will buy it again
I love it. It is very addictive. Can't stop eating it.
Sweet and Tangy
A great blend of tangy and sweet flavour. Cant have many or then as it becomes too sweet.
Not to my liking
I really didn't enjoy the flavour of this, but my kids loved it!
Different in a good way
These taste a lot better than I thought they would! Nice little chocolate snack to have. More than 4 sticks and it starts to get too sweet.
not my cup of tea
I love chocolate but mandarin and orange chocolate just dont go well together
Not the best i had
They taste good,but i think the original one is the best. Is to much orange taste for me.
Chocolate orange heaven
Awesome kit kat is already way up there on my top 5 best chocolates, but then to add that citrus of mandarin brings it next level. I'm a big fan of all things chocolate-orange so this frankly was always going to be a winner and it is.
Ok for a try
I like to try all new flavours of Kit Kat and consider it a passion. This flavour came in snack pack bags and was grossly overpriced for what you got. I liked the flavour as a gimmick and gladly bought them over and over again when others clearly didn’t like them and they went on clearance.
Very nice
These Kit Kat’s were very nice. I didn’t expect them to be so flavourful. I love how kit Kat come up with many flavours. The mandarine was flawless in there. Very nice. Thank you
Tangy and sweet
A perfect blend of tangy and sweet flavour.... Would be interesting to see if a white chocolate version came out
Give it a skip
All I could taste was orange and a very chemical tasting orange. Not Cheap either. Give it a skip.
I adore chocolate orange and this is perfect for that. The chocolate is exactly like a terrys chocolate orange but it comes with the added crunch of the wafers. I could smell the orange as soon as i opened the bag. Delicious!

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