4.4 5 0 26 26 Nestlé has given the iconic KitKat a sweet makeover with a brand new flavour option.
KitKat Mandarin Orange Flavour
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Love love the flavour
Ok, to be honest, I’m not a fan of chocolate much but when I see chocolate with the flavours of mandarins, orange, watermelon then I would grab it and run away.
Awesome flavour
This was such an interesting orange flavour. Yes it’s mandarin but it was surprisingly tasty! I have some to my sons therapists and they enjoyed! They will def but more! So yes I do recommend!
Surprised how much I liked this. Very similar to terry’s choc orange and j would get it again if it wasn’t so expensive.
Delicious! cant go wrong with orange and chocolate!!! Pity they wont be around for long.....
I enjoyed the mild orange flavour as it was not to strong and the chocolate wafer was nice and crisp.
Mild flavour
I found the mandarin orange flavour mild. I would of liked a stronger flavour. Chocolate and orange are a great flavour combination.
Guilt-Free Treat
I loved the flavor of this. A subtle citrus taste and the chocolate was not overwhelming or sweet. It made this non-jaffa lover a convert. Wish this was available all the time!
Spot on!
I loved this so much I bought two packets to take to work to share, but I didn’t end up sharing them.
Strong flavour
Just bought this new KitKat flavoured chocolate it has a really strong taste for my likings but it's not bad if you like mandarin
Excellent balance of chocolate and Mandarin
Excellent addition for Chinese New year! Great authentic Mandarin flavor!
Orange Kitkat
I'm a big fan of chocolate and orange and was so excited to see this product on the shelf. I have eaten half the packet already and while I think it tastes great I would prefer it to have a stronger orange flavour. Although that won't stop me buying more. I wish Nestle would make orange Kit Kat a regular product.
Perfect release for Lunar New Year
I saw these in store last night and had to try them. I love orange and mandarin flavours, especially with chocolate! These have a light but perfect flavour, they don’t overpower the chocolate, but complement it perfectly. Excessive packaging is my only concern. While the 2 finger, individually wrapped pieces are ideal to share (because one pack is enough), they then come wrapped in a huge bag. Even a cardboard box with the individual pieces wrapped would better and possibly more aesthetically pleasing. A good novelty product, I would recommend this.
So good
My household loves these and would love this flavour to stay! These are the perfect size for a quick snack for the kids or myself and I love citrus.
Nothing better than chocolate orange flavor. Crispy Kit Kat delicious flavor. What’s not to love! Kit Kat are always producing interesting new flavors to try.
I tried this new flavor KitKat Mandarin orange it was so delicious I loved the nice smooth chocolate and the crunchiness of the wafer the Mandarin Orange taste was perfect it actually reminded me of when I was younger we used to eat sweets called jaffas and this is what it taste like so yummy

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