4.4 5 0 39 39 Nestlé has given the iconic KitKat a sweet makeover with a brand new flavour option.
KitKat Mandarin Orange Flavour
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Not the best i had
They taste good,but i think the original one is the best. Is to much orange taste for me.
Chocolate orange heaven
Awesome kit kat is already way up there on my top 5 best chocolates, but then to add that citrus of mandarin brings it next level. I'm a big fan of all things chocolate-orange so this frankly was always going to be a winner and it is.
Ok for a try
I like to try all new flavours of Kit Kat and consider it a passion. This flavour came in snack pack bags and was grossly overpriced for what you got. I liked the flavour as a gimmick and gladly bought them over and over again when others clearly didn’t like them and they went on clearance.
Very nice
These Kit Kat’s were very nice. I didn’t expect them to be so flavourful. I love how kit Kat come up with many flavours. The mandarine was flawless in there. Very nice. Thank you
Tangy and sweet
A perfect blend of tangy and sweet flavour.... Would be interesting to see if a white chocolate version came out
Give it a skip
All I could taste was orange and a very chemical tasting orange. Not Cheap either. Give it a skip.
I adore chocolate orange and this is perfect for that. The chocolate is exactly like a terrys chocolate orange but it comes with the added crunch of the wafers. I could smell the orange as soon as i opened the bag. Delicious!
Delicious! Heated debates over who got the last one 🤣
Our whole family loved these! They had such a delightful mandarin orange flavour to them. It wasn't overpowering, or fake tasting. I would definitely buy these again if I could find them.
Brilliant Combination
The packaging I must say didn't entice me to buy, I walked past it for a few weeks without a second thought, even though I do like orange in chocolate. A friend however gave me two when we went out one day and I was so pleasantly surprised, so much so that I went to my mums and gave her the other one to try. Both parents loved it too, so then I went and got us both a packet. It was just the right strength and the orginal kitkat crunch that we've all grown to love. Milk chocolate lovers will prefer it the way it is, but as a dark chocolate person, I am left wondering if it could be improved with dark choc.
Bit weird but very nice
thought it was going to be odd tasting but no, very nice
Love KitKat Bars
Every time I see a new flavour, I must try it. The Mandarin Orange KitKat did not disappoint. What is there not to like? I love KitKats and Mandarin Oranges therefore, this is the perfect combination. I find these quite addictive. I will always keep some in my pantry when I need my chocolate fix.
So delicious! If you're a choc orange fan then these are for you! I'm a sucker for a Kitkat and this mandarin flavour is a wonderful treat! We bought a bag for our girls weekend and all my friends loved them to. Single serve packets make them an easy snack.
It's different and ok
It's definitely a different flavour that offers a unique twist on the original kit kat. It's ok but not my favourite, the taste is sweet but not overly sweet. Best enjoyed chilled.
Kit Kat orange
I love these. I have gone through 3 packets already. Not too over powering with the orange, still allowing the chocolate to shine through.
I bought these as part of dessert for a Chinese New Year dinner I did for my friends, they are so nice and my guests loved them I was lucky to get one, as they were going fast.

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