4.4 5 0 72 72 Don’t just double down on cheese, triple down on it. Kraft Triple Cheese Dinner gives every forkful a triple kick of cheese.
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Not that great
I used to be a huge fan of this mac and cheese eating it almost every week. But recently tried it again after a long time of mot eating it and was not a fan. Lacking any good flavor was disappointing
Soft spot for Mac and cheese
Mac and cheese is a quick easy snack or side that is ready pretty quick and delicious. Flavour is nice, consistency is good and portion size is good.
Quick and easy dinner or snack for my family. My 10 year old loves it!
Creamy bowl of goodness
Easy mealhus and is obsessed with Mac and cheese. Its quick and easy. Nice creamy flavour.
So gosh darn good
I will buy this and legit eat the entire box in one sitting. I fricking looooove easy Mac. It is literally so easy to make it too and it always comes out delicious and cheesy as.
Kraft Mac & Cheese
Absolutely luv mac & cheese, nothing beats a quick, easy simple meal. This particular one is extra cheesy as it states but the taste just isn't there, it's a bit bland to me. Overall it has easy to follow instructions and if you like mac & cheese give it a go as we all have different tastes. It might surprise you.
Not to my taste at all
Really unhealthy but doesn't even taste that good. I make mac n cheese from scratch which my toddler loves. But even she wouldn't eat this. Wouldn't buy again
Quick easy option
Tastes really good and my kids love it! Super quick and easy to make if you are time poor.
Mac n cheese
Quick and easy to make up. Really good when you’re in a hurry. Great for Friday night in front of the footy
Easy to use
Easy to follow instructions and quick. Great option for last minute meal
Quick and easy go to snack / meal for hungry toddler . My little boy absolutely loved it . The flavour is great . So simple to prepare. Great for those empty pantry day . Definitely recommend it
Kids go to meal very quick and easy to cook for those hungry tummies, thumbs up from my kids.
Loooove Mac n cheese! Reminds me of my childhood. Great taste and flavour. Super easy to prepare
Fav comfort
Love love and love this product. Childhood memories, great taste
Mac & Cheese - oh so fair
I've tried different flavours and brand of mac and cheese & this was not a great taste. Way too salty for 3 cheese flavour and quite artificial. If you added your own favourite cheese then that might make the dish more tasty

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