4.9 5 0 15 15 A croissant with delicate tastes and exceptional pastry layers, made in France.
Le Fournil De Pierre Raw Croissant
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Pretty good, but the Pain Au Chocolate is amazing
It is flaky, but it has an aftertaste. It is great to have a freshly baked croissant, though
Buttery delicious
This product is so good, great for wjen i have cravings for a good quality crossiant. Cook it in the air fryer. Delicious, buttery, flaky... Best thing ever
SOOOOOO amazingly good!
They are exactly like good bakery croissants, so fluffy and buttery. Fresh and have that melt in your mouth texture. Easy to bake in the oven but they do take a little time to prepare considering they need to be defrosted before baking. But sooooooo worth the wait time!!!
Great breakfast
Makes the house smell amazing and was quick and delicious
Best frozen croissants to date
I was always sceptical about how good these croissants were because I honestly couldn’t find any bad comments about it. But now I understand... even after being frozen, the inside is still very soft and buttery. Pretty much the same as any croissant you would buy freshly made from a bakery! However, it may be quite troublesome for some people as you need to defrost the croissants before baking, so it is quite time consuming.
Best supermarket croissants
Worth the price - great success at a family breakfast
A lovely surprise when cooked. Delicious, and Tasty
Bakery quality
This was a huge hit with the family. Easy to make and delicious.
Just like the bakery
Easy to bake. Smells and tastes just like a bakery!
Love, love, loved these croissants great buttery taste, and unlike the already cooked ones they don’t taste overcooked when heated. Definitely a winner.
I love it , taste really good , the Best Croissants in supermarket
Very easy
Easy to bake and follow instructions and the result is like a bakery result! The pastry goes flaky and it is very buttery.
Very good
These are fantastic and taste great! They are very flakey and easy to bake.
Seen these made when watching foxtel and all the work and ingredients that go into them. So had to try them. They would have to be the best croissant I have ever had. Even better than the fresh ones
So delicious and flaky
Best frozen croissant brand we’ve tried, authentic and delicious.

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