4.6 5 0 24 24 With flavours of thyme and hot chilli, this feta will melt in your mouth.
Lemnos Marinated Fetta Thyme & Chilli
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It's okay
This feta was okay, but not as good as we hoped... once opened it needed to be used asap as by day 3 the feta cheese wasn't really nice anymore... not off, just not right...
Smooth and creamy
Excellent flavour , super smooth and creamy with just a hint of chilli so you get that nice heat but not burning your mouth , paired well with the thyme . I love mixing it up and serve with mini toasts
Yum yum yummy
This is a great product that I really use for everything from pasta, green, and grain salads to pastas and antipasti platters. The flavoring gives it more depth than regular feta.
Family favourite!
Great taste!! Amazing on salads!!! It’s definitely a family favourite for us!!
Versatile and great tasting
Love the flavours of thyme and chilli with the creamy cheese. This is a family favourite on sandwiches and in salads.
Delicious Feta
This is great tasting feta and delicious in salads. I also use the leftover oil next time I need to add salad dressing to a salad. Love it,
Omg yum!
This is so so delicious! Not just any feta, full of flavour.
Yum Yum Yum
Had this at a friends bbq on the weekend. It was so moreish everyone was going for seconds. Will be adding to my shopping list.
Love love love this, it is so flavorful and the feta itself is so smooth. We love having this on a cheese board with some crackers as a afternoon snack. It is delicouse and I would recommend this to anyone who enjoys cheese.
This is a great product, nice flavour without being too spicy, or too salty like some fettas can be. Had it on pizza and it added an extra flavour that just topped it off nicely. Will be buying this one again.
Lemon & Thyme Feta
As a chef I like to use mouth watering, flavoursome foods when I cook. When I stumbled across this I made a pumpkin, feta and chargrilled pepper, cous cous Salad and the Lemon and Pepper flavours in the feta were amazing.z the feta is soft and not salty like some feta. It’s great in salads and I have used in tarts, toasted melts. It’s a versatile food and can be paired with most other ingredients. I highly recommend.
Has a subtle and very pleasant flavour. I really thought it went well in my Greek salad
Lovely creamy texture with just the right amount of kick
Nice Twist!
The additional flavours of chilli and thyme here are a really nice change to the standard product. They make an easy additional flavour to a salad or a pasta without the hassle of additional chopping and prepping. It’s a nice hint without being too strong for those who are a little afraid to walk on the wild side with chilli! Quite mild. This is a new addition to the staples in our house and I find it has many uses. Highly recommend.
Yummy 😋
I enjoyed this. I sometimes find these cheeses a bit strong but I loved the flavours and would buy again. Was nice on pasta and pizza

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