Lindt Hot Chocolate Flakes

4.6 5 0 35 35 Melt as you indulge in the signature taste of a rich creamy hot chocolate from Lindt. Experience your very own real hot chocolate in a matter of minutes with these delicious flakes. Available in milk or dark chocolate.
Lindt Hot Chocolate Flakes


These flakes are great as a hot chocolate and even better on ice cream or a pav or on just about any dessert. To be honest they are delicious straight out of the tin using a spoon! I love them.
A great indulgence to have but you want more in your cup.
This would have to be a favourite late night drink at our place
Great product
I enjoy using this product for hot chocolates although you do have to use a lot in order to get the chocolate taste as they dissolve quickly and if you don't use enough it tends to taste milky. The flavour is the most that I like about it as it's Lindt chocolate flavoured. I have also used it to sprinkle over cream in deserts which makes them taste nice with the rich Lindt flavour. Overall I think it's a good product flavour wise which is why I'm giving it a fall out of five star rating. although I wouldn't give it a five star rating based on the fact that you have to use a lot of it in order to achieve the chocolate flavour and because there are cheaper products on the market that work just as well.
Maravilhoso, um dos melhores que já experimentei. nunca vi nada tão saboroso, amei demais.
the choc flakes tatse so good and melt well into the warm milk
So tasty
You can eat this up straight from box. Goes well with hot chocolates and also on icecream. Recommended
Ultimate chocolate drink
Go on, treat yourself to this tasty chocolatey drink. It is delicious flakes of smooth milk chocolate and tastes great in a cup of hot milk. So soothing and delicious, yummy. Makes a perfect item in gift hamper too.
Tasty as ever
this is an absolute diet breaker on the first taste you can sit and eat the whole container like a chocolate bar ..really if you are on a diet don`t try this product
Mmmmmm chocolate!!
Lindt Chocolate flakes are a favourite in my household used for hot chocolates, cappuccinos, milk shakes and adding to the top of ice cream. It is very creamy and has a wonderful chocolate flavour.
Rich flavour
I love Lindt chocolate so this is one of my favourites to buy. It does however require a lot more than the standard serving to make a really decadent hot choc so beware if you're watching calorie intake but it's fine for a treat every so often.
Smooth taste
This product tastes lovely however for the cost and amount of spoons to make that perfect hot chocolate, I feel it’s a little over priced. It also provides a great sprinkling over a mocha or cappuccino to make that at home barrister style hot drink. If you are happy to pay a bit extra this product is for you. If trying to find value for money they I would recommend another brand.
Indulgent capuccino topping
These yummy flakes are worth the cost - high quality and quite a lot in the tin. The chocolate is really smooth and the flavour goes so well with coffee. If you add too much they'll sink to the bottom so either use sparingly or make sure you have a spoon handy to mix them in or eat the remains when you get to the bottom of the cup
Love this chocolate for got chocolate or even using in my baking taste amazing
Not many servings per package, as you need a lot for a good chocolate flavour.

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