Listerine Coconut & Lime

4.2 5 0 45 45 Listerine Coconut & Lime gives you fresh breath and a deeper whole mouth clean than brushing alone. Including naturally derived ingredients, this Limited Edition product refreshes your mouth with Coconut & Lime flavours!
Listerine Coconut & Lime


Listerine without the burn
Listerine Coconut & Lime gives you fresh breath but without the burning feeling. There is no after taste and keeps your breath fresh longer.
nice change to usual mint
no strange after taste or harsh feel on the mouth. good change to the usual mint. will buy again.
i was actually very shocked when i used this i thought it would have a horrible taste but to my surprise the flavours blended very well it works very well and leaves me with nice fresh breath highly recommend it.
Not bad
I had my doubts about the flavor but was pleasantly surprise that the flavors combined well together. It refreshers like the product normally does but this time around the flavor is not as overwhelming.
fresh taste
great product, refreshing taste like it then the other taste
Refreshing mouthwash
I loved the unique taste. It did not taste of lime and coconut but it was refreshing and not overpowering like the original mouthwash. I am disappointed that it is a limited edition. I would buy it again.
Cleans well but Im not the biggest fan of the taste, I find the taste a bit unusual
Its different but i like it
Youve really gotta try this to understand wats going on but i like it, i do , i really like it .... the tangy after taste is the addictive bit i use everyday for that bit alone 😃
pleasant freshness
its a lot like normal listerine, little bit sweeter at first then quite tangy. Couldn't really taste the coconut flavour but overall leaves a fresh but sweet taste in your mouth.
love the flavour
this product is by far the better one of this brand it's flavour is not so overpowering as the others , it's cool and fresh
Mouth wash
Really good mouth using from long time leaves mouth fresh and kills bacteria Nd bad smell fresh smell Nd good for who are battling with bad smell.really effective.must buy recommend
Good clener
Well i use it vary nice product my mouth and nose give us a fresh breath
A nice change
have brought the product twice now, found it to be a refreshing change from the typical mouth wash, flavour wasn't over powering.
Gently refreshed
I love this mouth wash Flavour as it is not like any other and is refreshing yet gentle. I am disappointed about the fact that it is a limited edition Flavour as I find it difficult to use there original Flavour was they seem so strong and harsh to my mouth.
Love it
I love this mouth wash it makes your mouth feel amazing after use

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