5 5 0 5 5 Listerine Coconut & Lime gives you fresh breath and a deeper whole mouth clean than brushing alone. Including naturally derived ingredients, this Limited Edition product refreshes your mouth with Coconut & Lime flavours!
Listerine Coconut & Lime
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Excellent on sensitive gums
I’ve always considered Listerine too strong for my gums, but coconut and lime just blowed me. It doesn’t burn on my gums, the flavor is fresh and and last hours. So far is the best mouthwash I’ve tried.
Great Taste
I love this new coconut and lime Listerine nice mild taste and it doesn't burn your mouth like the mint one and leaves your mouth feeling nice and fresh I would recommend to anyone to give it a try
Nice alternative to minty taste
I use the minty flavour but decided to give this one a go. It's really refreshing and leaves the mouth with a pleasant taste. It doesn't burn rather provides a clean, fresh feeling in the mouth. A great alternative to the mint, it's not as strong. If you prefer a more lighter taste that still cleans and refreshes the mouth then this one is for you.
Brilliantly done
I love the fact that this isn’t another alcohol mouthwash. It really left this very very nice refreshing feeling and taste in my mouth. It was totally a surprise as I was expecting a strong coconut taste but was pleasantly surprised to get a summer fruity taste It was a pleasure to use
Less of the harsh burn
It much nicer and easier flavour to use as a mouth wash it also leave a very nice refreshing summer type feeling in your mouth. Would definitely recommend this to people that don't like the harsh alcohol burn from normal mouth wash.
I have not tried this product as yet nor have I seen it in my quick trips to the shops. But the combinatation Coconut & Lime Listerine should very interesting to me as both coconut and lime are overall good for dental health I believe.
wow! I haven't tried it yet and haven't seen in shops as well. Looks interesting, I really would like to try it

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