2.3 5 0 8 8 If you've got sparse, short lashes don't despair! L'Oréal Paris first ever lash serum is clinically proven to protect and fortify your lashes. Full of powerful ingredients such as keratin for growth, hyaluronic acid to reinforce, filoxane for growth & castor oil to nourish to bring your lashes back to life.
L'Oréal Paris Lash Serum
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Dont waste your money.
Sorry to be harsh, but, unfortunately, this product doesn't do what it claims. I really hoped that it would work and even though I don't have the shortest lashes, I would love longer ones, but steer clear from this product. Even with continual use, it doesn't work.
You have to use this constantly to see results. My lashes haven't got longer but has thickened up and don't fall out as much.
Not doing what it claims
Keep your money in your pocket, this product does not do what it claims. I have been using this product now for a little while and my short lashes have not grown any longer, all it has done is stung my eyes if I am not careful putting it on.
Nothing happened
I used this product as per instruction but did not see any difference.
Not too sure with the result
I used this a few times before bed but not sure if it has a great on me. It sting a bit and I won’t be able to use it in the morning, too much to do! Maybe with longer usage I will see improvement.
Soothing & Cooling... Works Well!
My lashes used to be super short and nothing at all to ride home about. I am too scared to get extensions from all the horror stories I've heard... So this seemed like the next best thing to try! The serum is a clear cool liquid which feels very soothing on the lash line. I liked that as I always apply this after removing all of my makeup after a long day before I go to bed. It's like a facial serum for your lashes. I've been using this product for quite a number of months now and my lashes appear a lot fuller and healthier. I wasn't sure this would really work, but it seems to be making a pretty decent amount of difference!
i never used it. but heared from my friend about it. she is recommending it.
I have very short lashes I’m always trying new things I would love to try this as well

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