4.2 5 0 6 6 A soft matte bronzer for a summertime tan look all year, no sun needed. Matte bronzing formula with no shimmer or glimmer, perfect for your no-makeup makeup look.
L'Oréal Paris Wake Up & Glow Back to Bronze
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True matte bronzer
A great buy for those searching for a true matte bronzer. The shade is warm toned and was great for subtle contouring on my medium toned skin. The powder is smooth and quite velvety, easy to apply.
Nothing special
Very subtle on the skin and leaves the skin with a very soft pigment. Nothing to complain about but there are many other better options.
great bronzer
This is a great bronzer that is not too heavy or shimmery, great for contouring. Doesn't leave you looking muddy or orange or sparkly like other bronzers
Nice bronzer
This is a great, subtle bronzer that is great for contouring without it being too over the top. The colour is quite light but buildable. It doesn't look muddy nor does it have an orange colour so it looks quite natural.
Bronze for my skin
Im not big on make up but a bronzer is an essential in my make up shopping, I love this product as it gives my skin that sunkissed tone without being too much.
I would really like to try this product due to not having any bronzer to do my makeup I feel lost with out it. I need to try and fined a new bronzer

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