3.7 5 0 7 7 What's inside matters This pantry must-have is made from 100% organic Australian milled wheat flour and nothing else. We've kept it in its purest, unbleached form without any additives. Use this smooth and fine triple-sifted flour for all your baking needs or as a thickener for sauces and everyday home cooking.
Macro Organic Plain Flour
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I don't see the benefit
I bought this when all of the panic buying was happening and this is all I could get my hands on. I honestly see no difference over other flours. Yes it is organic, but I didn't notice a difference. It was so expensive compared to others I almost cried. It's plain flour. It does the job.
It’s Organic
That’s the reason why I chose this flour over regular flour that’s not organic. I much prefer to be buying organic products where ever it’s possible and this is available in the supermarket which is handy. I’ve purchased other organic flour from organic shops and anything organic is going to cost more money because of the growing process involving organic produce. You won’t notice a difference between non organic and organic flour other than price. As I mentioned above I do prefer to organic products where possible and it’s good to know that I have this available in Woolworths supermarkets. I’m happy with this brand.
I have tried this to see the difference but to be honest I couldn't find any it doesn't change the end results of the food and the taste is just like any other brand flour, It is good for those people looking for organic flour but still it is quite expensive.
Great Value
I have tried this macro organic Plane Flour and found it to be just as good if not better as than brand name ones
A bit pricey
It contains more sodium and sugar and is lower in dietary fibre compared to the basic Woolworths brand plain flour. I honestly don't see why this product should cost so much more....$1/kg for the Woolworths brand and $4.50/kg for this product. I generally like the Macro brand but not in this case.
Good price
Love this flour for baking. It is Australian and organic and always produces great results!
Doesn’t upset my stomach
This product has been an awesome find in our household. It does not upset our stomach as much as the usual stuff and you can tell it is less refined however bakes just the same!

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