4.7 5 0 19 19 What's inside matters. Add a little sweetness to your day with this certified organic raw sugar. Extracted from organic sugar cane with nothing else added, it's perfect for giving your coffee, cakes and cookies that sweet touch.
Macro Organic Raw Sugar
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Great organic product
We use this for our fermenting kombucha and kefir. I also love to use it handmade scrubs- why?- I like to know the products we are are not negatively impacting our environment or filled with chemicals or pesticides. This is the one I use for my family.
The only sugar we buy
This is our definite go to sugar, no bleach no chemicals. We use in anything that requires sugar even milled it down to make icing sugar. Being able to buy in larger pack would be my only suggestion
I always use raw sugar for my cooking and offered to friends in their coffee and tea
the best
I think it's the best but only buy when on special as it's dearer than the other brands.
I recommend
I don't use sugar a lot, however when I do I use raw sugar I find it tastes better and is less processed than other sugars. I like this brand as it is organic, I think it is worth it. Can cost a little bit, buy when on special.
Versatile & unrefined
I’m not a big sugar user so am a bit fussy when I do. This is a great all rounder. I like the faint sweet smell of the molasses and the less processed goodness that raw sugar gives.
Love it's sweetness
I use it to make some Indian masala tea that ieatnt it from my indian work mates. Love that's its raw and organic. Trying to cut down refined sugar. its better priced. Highly recommended
Great product!
This product is very nice, it does taste better than your cheaper brands and the price is great too!
Best raw sugar
I only use raw sugar for all baking, tea and coffee. This is the only brand we use, good price. Would recommend to all.
I switched to raw sugar awhile ago for health reasons. And love it! But sometimes I find that it doesn’t have the same sort sweetness as it should. But with this Raw Sugar it’s so sweet and never clumps. Only sugar I buy now!
I have tried this macro organic Raw Sugar and found it to be just as good as the brand name ones
Great Taste
I have used this product many times and its fantastic, in my coffee as well as when i make baked goods. i would recommend this product highly. its not to sweet but it also does the job of sweetness.
My Scoby for Kombucha loves it!
Trying to go organic on my eating. This is definitely well loved by my kombucha and i love it! Unlike the normal raw sugar, this makes my kombucha making better and more organic!
Great product
Overall great product for me trying to cut down my refined sugar intake. Pricing is a little more than the cheaper products but then realised it is also an organic product
Quality organic product
We use this for our baking and also in our homemade kombucha, we prefer using organic and like the macro brand for quality and price.

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