4.6 5 0 22 22 Delicate and fragrant, Australian Afternoon Grey offers you a beautiful tea experience in a fast-infusing teabag. Madame Flavour has used finer cut tea from classic Ceylon estates, added bergamot and Australian lemon myrtle; the perfect partners to this favourite Earl Grey.
Madame Flavour Australian Afternoon Grey Teabags
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Great cuppa
This tea tastes great. Great for morning or afternoon tea. You get alot in the box. Good value for money.
Best tasting tea
The whole family loves this tea. Very glad it has gone back to the pyramid style bags again. Full of flavor and fragrance. This has been our tea of choice for a long time now. Would highly recommend
Love the taste
The taste of this tea is flavourful, yet still mild and perfect for an afternoon pick me up.
Full Flavour
Very flavoursome with cute packaging. More in the box would be good!
Beautiful tea
Rich wholesome flavours! absolutely love madam flavour teas!
Refined but weak
I tried this for a change, and felt it needed a boost. I had to use two tea bags to get a decent strength. I just felt it was poor value for money, and there were much better brands out there at a better price. Earl Grey and English Breakfast are the most popular in our house, and it seems brand really does matter. Quality of this tea is Okay, but I don't think it's worth it.
Average taste
It’s good but as good as other herbal teas. It’s got some taste but I like little stronger.
Better than Lipton!! Really enjoyed these teabags, perfect for a Winter's day!
I really like this tea, its strong enough with not being over bearing in flavour. This was the first time I have had this tea and it was lovely. Would definitely recommend if your a tea drinker
Really delicious tea - definitely one of the best I’ve tried. The flavour is perfect! I loved how strong you could make it. Can’t think of any way to improve it. I’d definitely recommend!
Thumbs up
I received Madam Flavour as a test sample some years ago (no through this site) and loved them immediately. I liked the look & feel of the bag and the taste of the tea after drawing (not sure if the taste is the tea only or a combination of the tea and the bag design). I've tried a few different variety's and am never disappointed. Big thumbs up!
Subtle flavour for Australian palettes
Enjoy the Madame Flavour range of teas and their mission to provide a more elegant experience of tea. I also like supporting small Australian business and they put a lot of effort into making beautiful scented and flavoured teas. Sometimes you may be lucky enough to find them on sale but even if they are not, given them a try anyway!
This tea would have to be one of my all time favourites. Great taste and strength of the tea is just perfect. Happy with how it was no improvement needed . Definitely recommend
Great Tea
The smell is amazing. It is very soft and sweet (depending which one you pick). I love the taste of it because its not too strong. Highly recommend!
My favorite Tea
I love the flavour of this tea. I did however prefer the old pyramid shape. It has a beautiful fragrance.

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