Maggi 2 Minute Noodles Beef

3.9 5 0 30 30 Noodles in just two minutes! The perfect meal option for after school or work.
Maggi 2 Minute Noodles Beef


Quick, easy and filling
These are my go to on the run or when I can’t be bothered cooking a big meal as they’re always filling and taste yum! I do think however that they tasted better 5 or so years ago, I’m not sure if the recipe for the seasoning has changed? They’re still good though!
Uni Lunch
With a 4th year uni student, these Maggi noodles have become a staple for them. We purchase these weekly as they're a quick, no fuss meal for the student. She breaks them up to fit her mug, makes them and sits through uni eating them. She enjoys other flavours from Maggi noodles, but these are her go to. They're full of flavour she says. I find them a little salty, so I don't put the full satchel in. Serving size is great, ease of making is perfect and they're a uni students dream.
Love them
Maggie noodles are by far the best going around. The beef flavour is delicious
One of my daughters favourite noodles. Quick and easy and the flavour is quite good.
Beef noodles
This brings me back to my childhood! I bought these recently and I really enjoyed the flavour. A but saltier than I remember. But, they make a nice crunchy dry snack too!
I always have a packed of those noodles in my pantry just in case, they are ok for a quick meal if you need something quick
kids love them
i've been eating these since childhood and now my kids eat them. my youngest (1) is a complete noodle fan and could eat them all day. There is always some in the pantry and i will continue to purchase.
Used to have a larger serving
I recently had the pleasure of trying these noodles again after many years. One thing I immediately noticed, was the visibly smaller amount of noodles you are getting. The blocks of noodles used to be much larger, even as recent as 4 years ago. The flavour is tolerable if you are hungry enough, but it's otherwise artificial tasting and has a strong odor that lingers on you after eating the noodles. Bottom line, these are good as an absolute emergency meal, I otherwise wouldn't suggest this as a meal.
They are a perfect snack for after work, they also are a good snack if you are hungry or need a quick thing to eat. The idea of free battle cards was also a good marketing move.
Kids may love it, maybe not adults
I don't like the texture of the noodles, but my kid will happily eat it without the flavour. I don't mind the flavour though, but I do prefer the alternatives like the laksa one.
Nice but i prefer chicken
I usually buy the chicken flavour 2 min noodles but i tried a beef one for something different. It had a lovely flavour just as the chicken noodles did, it just wasn't a flavour i would buy again? But if you love beef then you'll love this flavor!
2 minute snack
I love that this snack can be ready in 2 mins. Its perfect for after school or just something to fill your tummy with. A good variety of flavours to choose from to suit everyone's taste
I tried this before its okay, i added extra flavouring and tweaked it to my liking...its ideal for younger kids or anyone, pretty easy to whip up in the kitchen if you want something easy to cook.
I bought these thinking my kids wouldn't notice the difference but they didn't enjoy them. They didnt like the sate Iam sorry to say as they love 2 minute noodles.
Quick and easy and deliciously tasty. Couldn't tell the difference!

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