3.5 5 0 57 57 Velvety vanilla ice cream, first dipped in Magnum white chocolate and then half dipped in Magnum milk chocolate. It is a more indulgent version of the Magnum you already know and love!
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Oooohhhhh ice cream
We are a family of ice cream lovers. We love to try different brands. We found with this one that the chocolate coating was overtly sweet which means that as you bite in the ice cream, it tastes bland and not too sweet. I think there needs to be a better balance with the sweetness.
Who doesn’t love Magnums?! I personally found these delicious but perhaps a little bit too sweet for some. They did appear to be a little smaller in size but I would happily continue to buy when on special.
Magnum double dipped in heaven!!
These have now become my new favourite ice cream! I could eat the whole box in one go!!
Yum chocolate
Loved the double dipped white chocolate and chocolate but I didn't think the actual ice cream was all that nice as it tasted a bit watery.
Absolutely love magnums, and these were no different!! However these ice creams appear to have been made in a smaller size, for a higher price. Saying that, I will still purchase them when they are on special.
too sweet for me
i thought this was way to sweet for my taste buds. i would not buy it again i like the other ones much better.
Yummy! ... but strange
LOVED the chocolate covering on this, but the ice cream beneath was almost...watery? Bland? Maybe bland is a better word. Still tasty as a whole, but there's much nicer ice creams out there on the market! (But the chocolate covering is delicious!!)
I am a Chocaholic !,
Is there anything better than having both of your favourite chocolate flavours in one. Magnum is such an iconic brand of chocolate with creamy ice cream. You just want to buy every variety to see which one is your favourite flavour. Forever Magnum, JG
Surprised with flavour and texture. Yum. The packaging looked really good but it did taste delicious too!
Great taste and one of the best Magnums for me. Creamy and the extra chocolate dip just tops it off.
Love chocolate!!
Have loved Magnum ice cream for years! This Double dipped made my day when I first tried it! Love it!
Great but could be bigger and better
Great taste. It's smaller than other Magnums. Would have been nicer if it was completely double dipped instead of only partly.
Thick chocolate !
This was yum ice cream! I like the thickness of chocolate. But the size of the ice-cream is mini..so bit disappointed so probably would like to buy when it is on special price.
Could be better
Not really double dipped....one and a half dipped🤷🏻‍♀️ The only flavour is in the chocolate coat not the ice cream
Yummy vanilla
If you are a white chocolate lover then this is for you. Very yummy and, indeed,silky smooth.

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