4.6 5 0 88 88 MasterFoods Finely Crushed Garlic has been repackaged in a newly designed 170g recyclable pack. It contains no artificial colours, flavours or preservatives. This product is said to be convenient and ready to use, and is suitable for stir-fries and can be mixed with butter for garlic bread.
MasterFoods Finely Crushed Garlic
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Easy and quick
If you are a garlic lover,this is so easy and quick compared to tradition peeling and cutting garlic and taste amazing in dishes.
Very quick
If you need garlic in a hurry this is a go to. It has a bit of a vinegary taste but still very usable. Especially good if you don’t want that lingering garlic smell left on your hands.
great taste stays fresh
I dont buy any other Galric. best for cooking and lasts for a long time
Perfect for all dishes
Love this garlic. It's flavour is authentic and the product is perfect for all dishes calling for garlc. A permanent addition to my fridge.
It has great flavour and is easier and more economical to use than fresh garlic
Great convenient product
As a mum of two I am always looking for ways to cut down time spent in the kitchen and the dishes that accompany food prep. This product delivers on taste and is a great alternative to crushing garlic the old fashion way which can be time consuming.
Great Buy
I love this product, I always have garlic for my recipes when needed. Have had so much fresh garlic go bad before i have finished using. Keeps for ages in the fridge, taste just the same as fresh. Love it.
MasterFoods Garlic
A great little jar of garlic which keeps very well in the refrigerator and never dries out. I use it all the time in my cooking - it is even nice to taste a spoonful!
masters food crushed garlic
I use it in most of my cooking and it is very flavorsome, so good it last well and saves crushing your own, saves space for condiments
so yummy
i use it arleast 4 times a week in my cooking it just seems to enhance the other flavours
Garlic paste
It adds flavour to the meals and makes cooking faster and easier
Convenience in a Jar
I use this product all the time, great to control the amount of garlic. Easy to add to cooking. Great product. Jar in fridge now I am using.
Just Add Crushed Garlic -
This product makes cooking so easy, it is so convenient, there is always a jar in the frig, use it in soups, pasta and rice dishes and for stir fry it is great.
When you want Garlic for cooking
Master Foods Crushed Garlic in a jar adds the good garlic flavour and keeps well. Their jar is the right size for a one person household.
Highly recommended
I always have a jar in the fridge. It is convenient and has a great taste and lasts a long time. I still use fresh garlic when I am in the mood to peel and chop.

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