4 5 0 20 20 Take the traditional italian herbs oregano and rosemary combined with garlic and red capsicum to create a family favourite meal. Serve with your favourite roast vegetables.
MasterFoods Italian Herb Roast Chicken & Vegetables
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I love this on roast potato & have been usiing for a while. Even fussy kids love it
Easy Rub
Used this on the roast chicken, easy to use and tasted great.
I tried this product for the first time. It tastes so good, simply loved it and bought it from shop too.
I have tried it but not sure if I liked the flavour. Think I will stick with my our mix of herbs and they are cheaper
loved this over my roasted veggies. so easy to use and just a great combination of herbs and spices. always have a packet of this in the kitchen. highly recommend for those winter roast veggies
I Love MasterFoods and their pre made sauces and recipe bases range.They are definitely a leader in this market.The fact that i can see the herbs and spices in the sachet means that i know exactly what im getting.No powdery high in sodium stuff.Just all natural without any nasties in it.I use their range frequently and it makes a difference in my cooking,Thank you MasterFoods.
Wonderful mix of herbs and spices, absolutely wonderful product, have tried pretty much all the different varietys
i would love to try this product i regularly cook pasta and try different sauces regularly. please send me knew of yours to try. thanks.
On the weekends when your cooking a roast this is the best to add to improve the taste lovit
This sounds absolutely delicious, a great way of adding some extra flavour to our roast
i always love herbs in my food, it is very healthy plus the taste is great. i`ve treid this masterfoods italian herb roast and it is fantastic. i really reccommend this to everyone. thanks amanda van vuuren
This mix is wonderful, we havnt bought a store cooked chicken since we discovered this blend. As always Masterfoods has come up with another great product.
Another great tasting product from the Masterfod kitchen.
Use Master foods Mixes lots , especially when I`m making supper for 50 men on a Monday night , they ad lots of flavour and make life very easy for me , this Italian herb mix looks like it might be quite good because there are only 2 of us at home now i dont cook a whole chook any more , just breasts with the skin on , so this would last for 2 cooking episodes , would be nice if it was a resealable pack as i would not want the flavour of the herbs to be lost whilst storing ..
Love the MasterFoods range and have tried various flavours of the Master Mix and love them all!!

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