3.7 5 0 54 54 Maybelline’s new Lash Sensational Very Black Waterproof Mascara comes with a fanning brush for full lash coverage and liquid Ink formula.
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Too clumpy & thick for me?
I bought this mascara on all the great reviews id read about it but i found it to clumpy up very quickly & it made it impossible to distribute it evenly across the lashes? I even tried sitting it in hot water which helped but it was still too thick n clumpy & that wasn't the look i was going for, i prefer a more natural look? It was expensive for a drug store mascara & i would have liked it to not dry out & clump up in less than a few weeks? I would not buy again.
Great, except for the smudging.
I love Lash Sensational - it's thick, it goes on fantastic and is great for length and volume. I wouldn't be able to fault this product, however, it transferred really badly for me. I live in a warmer climate so that could be the cause, but each time I wear it, it gives me panda eyes, so I had to stop buying it :'(
The Maybelline Lash Sensational mascara is amazing!!! It's probably one of the best drugstore mascaras I have used and one of my favourites! The wand helps lift and curl my lashes while also lengthening and volumising. It also coats and separates every single lash so you're left with bold, clump free lashes!
It is my holy grail Mascara and I keep buying all the time, it is up there with the high end Mascaras, Maybelline you've done it again. I'm very impressed with their products, affordable and amazing quality.
This is the only one I will ever use. Makes my lashes look full and bold without the clutter.
I would compare this to a too faced mascara gives great volume and lift and distributes the product evenly to coat the lash. Only thing i dont like is the time is takes to dry. Do not sneeze after putting this on as it will end up in your eyebrows.
I used the same mascara brand all throughout college even though it did nothing for me. I recently tried Maybelline Lash Sensational and I have been receiving nothing but compliments about it. I wasn't sure about the brush on this but i actually REALLY like it! this formula glides on beautifully and separates the lashes really well. gives me the length and volume i'm looking for! I've used it the past few days and i always try to give it a few days to try the mascara before i do a review and this might be one of my favorites so far (drug store and high end!)
This mascara is great, it leaves my lashes looking long and full and doesn't clump.
This mascara is pretty great. It gives excellent length, and it will not budge! So much so, that sometimes it can be difficult to get off. But if you like waterproof mascara that is actually water and smudge proof, then this one is for you. Very dark black, and glides on lashes smoothly and easily.
Very smooth on and trendy ,I only wish it thickened & lengthened my lashes.
Mediocre formula, innovative brush (love it!!), attractive packaging and killer marketing (what made me buy it in the first place)
It’s a pretty tube, the lilac / pink iridescent tube with the black text. When I untwisted, I wasn’t too sure about the spoolie; in theory it looked functional however from my many years of using mascara I was concerned I would be wearing more on my eyelid than on my eyelashes. Sure enough, it really does come down to positioning and being in the wrist. If you don’t have your spoolie position correct from the get-go, you are going to make a mess of things. This mascara on opening is fairly wet and I’m telling you now, it is in your best interests to ensure you figure this out quickly (depending on the length and thickness of your existing lashes). I found it easier to start with the shorter side of the spoolie and go to the root of the lashes and then rotate my wrist to then coat my lashes with the thicker side of the spoolie. One coat did fan out my lashes but what I was surprised with was the curl added and the length with just one coat. Two light coats and gives amazing results.
I find the mascara itself comes out quite thick and I cant really seem to brush it evenly without adding more mascara, still not a bad product, still continue to use,
I am liking this a lot - love the shape of the brush & wont be buying my old favourite again with straight brush
This mascara seems to coat my lashes a little easier than my usual mascara, which makes it faster to apply. I'm not sure the curved brush really helps with anything though. The handle is also awkward to hold on to.

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