0 5 0 6 16 The new McCormick Recipe Creations collection puts flavourful twists on traditional recipes that will impress everyone at your dinner table. Recipe Creations makes trying McCormick’s best recipes fun and easy. Each packet includes pre-measured McCormick spices and herbs and a collectible recipe card. With just a few of your own fresh ingredients, you’ve got inspiration to make a memorable meal any night of the week.
McCormick Recipe Creations
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love to try something new providing they are not high in salt
This looks absolutely brilliant!!! Definitely want to try!!! May purchase beforehand it looks so good!!!
I`ve been eyeing this product for a while, though I`m not sure about the quality of the ingredients. Because of this, I`d really appreciate a sample before I did purchase this.
really delightful for first time cooks or even guys whom are cooking for there loved one or ones :) I found it extremely handy.
Not a big fan of these . I don`t buy these as these are very expensive and contain little amount of spices in more amount of packaging. May be it is useful for people who are either learning how to cook or are very new in the kitchen department.
This just has no appeal to me at all. As a keen cook I see the use of herbs as a very personal and creative element of cooking and would hate to have everything predetermined and measured out. On the other hand perhaps for someone who doesnt often cook this could work? Definitely not for me though!
I enjoyed these packs and saves buying massive jars of herbs and spices that usually go to waste or lose there flavour due to shelf life of herbs being so short. In the end may be a bit more packaging but how many jars of herbs do you buy just for one dish and never gets used again.
These are just amazing and so easy to use. I`ve made the lemon pepper chicken and the beef brew - both absolutey delicious! The beef brew is perfect when you want something hearty and the dumplings make it that bit more intersting than a normal old casserole.
Makes it easy, not much space, and couldn`t grow the number
Personally i think they are over-rated and so over-priced it`s almost a crime - the little pre-measured packs cost $2.48 - a hefty addition to the cost of your recipe - and each pack contains between 7g and 12g of herbs and spices. That`s the equivalent of between $20.70 and $35.40 per 100g packet or a hefty $207 and $354 a kilo!Either way you look at it, it`s very expensive way to season a recipe and certainly one I can`t afford.
These are great for camping trips - saves having to take loads of jars
Every time I see these on the shelf I get so mad...at a time when we should be considering less packaging things like this are brought out. So very wasteful and I think aimed at a section of the market that is hardly likely to putchas more than once.
i tried one or two,but don`t like the combinations,because they allways have one or two spices i can not stand in any cooking,so they go to waste and in the long run larger jars are more economical
I agree with Adriannia - its an easy way of cooking and ensures you always use fresh herbs - in bottles they can get lost in the cupboard and become stale.
i find these packs a waist of money when its better to buy the full bottles but it dose help with meal ideas and the spice combos i would have not always have put together but i do look at them than buy the extra ones i need in full spice containers

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