4.6 5 0 60 60 Treaty little Digestives biscuit balls covered in a smooth snuggle of milk chocolate, perfect for sharing.
McVitie's Double Chocolate Digestives Nibbles
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Absolutely love these
I've had several varieties of these now and I've really enjoyed them all. They have a great taste and great texture. I really like them for a road trip or a movie snack. The biggest downside I've found is it's nearly impossible to not eat the whole bag in one go because they're pretty addictive.
Perfect choice!
These are sooooo moreish!!! The Chocolate ones are my favourite!!! What’s better than just chocolate? It’s double chocolate of course! These nibbles are a mix of both creamy & milk chocolate. Having never had a Double Chocolate Digestive before I wasn’t too sure what these were going to be like other than hopefully very chocolatey. Again there was a generous thick chocolate coating surrounding the crunchy biscuit balls. Flavour wise it is a lot lighter and is somewhere between the Milk Chocolate Nibbles and the Dark Chocolate Nibbles.Simply love loveeeee it cant stop!! I assume it's something in the process to ensure the pieces don't melt easily and stick together, but it seems the chocolate on top of a proper Digestive is a lot cleaner. It's not a major gripe, these make for a great sharing bag. Yum Nibble away.
Barely a Nibble, more of a gorge.
So good couldn't stop eating these, too good to share
McVitie's Digestive Nibbles
I enjoyed the taste and texture of the McVitie's Digestive Nibbles. I found them to be great for a treat. However I found the chocolate to be a little light on and inconsistent in the thickness of the chocolate.
My favourite guilty pleasure
I love these little things, they are an even more satisfying malteser. Everyone I offer some too falls in love with them also. They are perfect for watching a movie or an after dinner treat. My only complaint is how quickly I finish the bag.
Addictive couldn’t put the packet down they were irresistible
Can't stop
Found these to be addictive and just couldn't stop at a few and ended up eating a whole packet. Very yum to say the least.
Addictive nibbles
I purchased these as a bit of a treat. Easy to grab out of the bag and have a few. Beautiful, and a tasty way to help get things moving if you need too. Hmm, learned the hard way that you need to moderate your intake, but being that they are so nice, it’s an easy mistake to make.
Amazing chocolate snacks!!!
These snacks are really yummy! They have the crunch of the biscuit inside them but the nice flavour of the chocolate on the outside. As someone who was never particularly into sweets these really had the right blend of chocolate and biscuits. They melted in your mouth but still had that crunch that was very satisfying. Definitely will be having again!
Light and addictive snack
New pantry staple. As a fan of chocolate digestives, this is the ultimate snack when watching movies or getting work done. So light and sweet. I love them
So good! Love how they are bitesize. Much better than normal biscuits
Choc Biscuit ball bliss
The right balance of chocolate and biscuit in one little ball. Very easy to eat the whole bag in one sitting! I tried they dark chocolate ones and they are delicious.
Perfect size and packaging, I can't get enough of them, when I start eating them I finish the whole packet.
I love chocolate and it gives the double enjoyment with combination of biscuit and chocolate. Love it.
So addictive
I bought two packs whilst on special. I prefer the dark choc over the milk but both flavours are so yummy that they didn't ask long in our household. I only buy on special as these are a little expensive.

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