4.7 5 0 19 19 Melrose Liquid Flavour Free Coconut Oil is derived from sustainable coconut plantations in the Philippines and is made up of mostly medium chain triglycerides (MCTs). These fatty acids are easy to digest and provide a healthy source of energy. An ideal everyday healthy cooking oil alternative.
Melrose Premium Liquid Coconut Oil Flavour Free
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Great in my morning tea
I used to do keto and would make my morning bulletproof tea with black tea, pouring cream and this in my blender. I no longer do keto but I still make my bulletproof tea. I also sometimes just eat/drink a spoon of this as MTCs are really good for you and this tastes amazing
Love it!!
I use this for all my DIY hand wash at home, its fragrance free and fractionated which works really well.
Great product with many uses.
Works well in cooking to flavour food and can be a healthy alternative. Little know fact, can be used as a mouth wash to remove nasty bacteria from your mouth. Technique is called oil pulling and can be found online.
Coconut oil goodness
We use this all the time, great for cooking & frying with, no off taste, dreadful smell or smoke, clear and easy to use, The only negative would be the price for such a small amount, but healthier and worth it.
Excellent allround product.
I use this most days for dinner and baking every other day. I cook with ALOT of spice so the coconut flavour is always covered. In baking using a really good vanilla essence to cover it if coconut flavour is not needed works.
Coconut oil
Amazing to cook with.. I’m not one to put excess oils when cooking as I am very health conservative. Does the job and hubby doesn’t even notice. I’ve also baked with it and the cake came out super moist. Overall, very happy.
Ok not great
Yes it’s coconut and smells good and you can use it many ways, but I found the product to be really oily. Yes I know it’s an oil but my experience was it for cooking it was way oily and let an aftertaste and too much of a shine on my food
It is what it is
True to what it states it is, in flavours. A lot easier to cook with in comparison to the hard coconut oil.
A great convenient product
This product is great to use in winter due to its liquid form.
Great for hair!
Love putting this product in my hair before a wash, makes my hair feel so soft and nourished. however if my hair doesn't fully take in all of the oil or dry it out, my hair can appear greasy.
The best!
Of all the coconut oils I've used this is the best. It stays liquid unlike most others and everything I make with it turns out well. It's even great on my skin and hair!
Delicious and so good for you
This is delicious and so good for your healthy. I use it for baking as well as my everyday cooking. It’s the best and doesn’t solidify like normal coconut oil.
Melrose coconut oil
I have been using this coconut oil forever now ,even on my baby’s skin .
coconut oil bliss
I love this stuff its great to cook with and so versatile.
A beautiful coconut oil.
Blends well, cooks really well and is a stable, good quality product.

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