4.5 5 0 42 42 Messina Strawberry Cheesecake Gelato Bar is encased in a chocolate variety, and use Messina-made ingredients.
Messina Strawberry Cheesecake Gelato Bar
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Yummy dessert
We love this. It is super creamy and tastes just like cheesecake. The strawberry in the middle is just perfect
These ice cream bars are delicious and didn't last long at all, great flavour and hard not to keep eating. Will be buying these again
My son bought these for me to try and I have to say they are delicious 😋
The closest thing to heaven! so divine. I loved having messina ice cream on holidays but there is no outlet close to my home. I was delighted to see Messina turn up at the supermarket.
Enjoyable but more icecream!
These new products are tasty but I found the biscuit to icecream ratio not quite right. Messina made amazing icecream, we just need a bit more on each bar.
You have been waiting for this!!
These are amazing! They are creamy and not too overwhelming there is just the right amount of icecream, chocolate and biscuit! It’s definitely a delicious snack you won’t want to share with anyone else haha they can be your little secret!! So so good!
Creamy ice treat
Great texture and taste with the gooey sweetness of the jam between. Light and refreshing, great for an after dinner snack or summer dessert.
Too Sweet
The packaging follows the "higher end" Messina image but the product itself is way too sweet which overpowers any other flavour. I do not think that it resembles a gelato texture, nor the flavour. Simple ice cream at a higher price.
Strawberry Delight
A really delicious gelato that taste just like a strawberry cheesecake. Loved it.
Tasty gelato
I have tried these Messina Gelato Bars in both Strawberry Cheesecake and Choc Hazelnut. They both have authentic gelato flavours and a creamy texture, with a thin biscuit base and flavoured sauce in the middle. The Strawberry flavour isn’t too sweet and has a crisp pink chocolate shell with a natural strawberry flavoured sauce in the centre. The bars aren’t too big and a good size if you want a frozen treat. The price is a little high for the quantity though. However I would definitely repurchase these!
A tasty treat
Honestly these are so delicious! a very nice texture and a flavor explosion in your mouth.
Blm pernah mencoba
D lihat dr luar keknya enak tu..pa produk luar ya..blm prnah mencoba..dr sampulnya mknan enak ni
So yum!
These little treats were absolutely delicious! Silky smooth texture, sweet and simply delightful! Definitely recommend if you love gelato!
Love it
Love this dessert. Very tasty and creamy centre. Family's new favourite. Good price too
Baru prtama nyobain rasanya benar-benar enak dan bikin ktagihan ...

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