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Mil Lel Fine Shred Melting Blend Cheese
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Quick and easy
This is a handy product to keep in the fridge as it’s great for pizzas, pastas, Mexican food and even toasties. It melts easily and there is no hassle of grating cheese. I would have preferred if it had a slightly bolder flavours as I find it just a bit bland for me. But overall a great versatile and easy to use product.
Melts nicely
I was very happy with this product and would buy again. I used it sprinkled through some pasta and it was very tasty. Kids were happy with it as well . I would buy this to use again
Sprinkle at your own risk
We love cheese in our house and kids can’t get enough...
I love to sprinkle cheese over my food and this is a good cheese for all my food. It melts nicely and it is delicious to eat with my dinner.
Melty goodness
Improves and dish with melty cheese goodness. A trusted brand. I get it on special.
Not strong enough for me
I love a strong cheese and this one didn't hit the mark for me - in saying that it did melt nicely on my vege bake
Easy to use.
This cheese and the other varieties are so good and user friendly. I was eating it out of the packet it is so nice, nearly didn’t leave enough to cook with!
Shredded Gold!
These guys have successfully created the perfect blend of shredded goodness! A little pot of gold resulting in a delightfully tasty molten liquid once melted to that sweet spot. Stringy and satisfying. Definitely the star to any dish.
A fine touch of cheese
This is a quality cheese product, great tasting and the fine shred is much easier to use. Delicious! A blend of Aussie Jack and Mozzarella, it browns beautifully. Aussie product!

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