Milo Frothycino Hot Chocolate

3.6 5 0 54 54 Warm up with a smooth and creamy Milo Frothycino! Enjoy a café style Milo in the comfort of your own home.
Milo Frothycino Hot Chocolate


Best winter warmer
So delicious! I crave this stuff in winter. Delicious milo taste made even creamier Yum!
love it
i take these milo fothycino sachets camping with me a lot its good to wake up heat some water and a dash of long life milk this milo mixture its so yummy nice and warm and kind of comforting highly recommend.
My 9yo loves this! The convenient sachet is great and the fact that it really froths is awesome. It’s a great special treat and tastes great.
The kids loved it
My kids loved this, was easy enough for them to make and fun too. Great treat for winter time.
perfect drink for a perfect day...
Its amazing ... the taste is soo good ...nice and creamy... my younger one also loves it ... and its easy to make
Kids love them
My kids absolutely love these. They froth up so much and taste so yummy. Would definitely to anyone who enjoys a nice cup of milo. Especially the kids.
Milo frothycino pilihan terbaikku
Tiada hari tanpa milo.bagiku. karena Milo penyemangatku dengan minum milo.kalau badanku kembali fit.pulihkan stamina dan menghangatkan badan .karena Milo tinggi kalsium.juga bisa menenangkan pikiran yang stres. Makanya sejak dulu sampai sekarang aku selalu minum milo frothycino kembalikan semangatku dan staminaku
Yummy creamy milo
Great same tasting milo drink I loved the version in a sachet making a nice and yummy frothy milo drink. I would recommend this to all milo lovers.
After a cup of Milo Frothycino, I feel refreshed and rejuvenated.I definitely recommend it.
Prefer the tin
Kids prefer the tin as they can heap spoonfuls of Milo into their milk rather than the Frothycino. Plus they prefer cold Milo rather than warm Milo. Wouldn't buy again. Happy with the tin.
Needs more Milo
These sachets are too small!! There isn't enough Milo powder so the flavour isn't strong enough. I used 2 sachets for 1 drink and it was much better. I prefer standard Milo!!
Where’s the frot?
Totally disappointing, I love Milo but this was a let down, I expected a frothy creation but flat. Sachets are fiddly. I will stick to normal Milo
Not what I expected
As a Milo lover I was keen to try this, but while it has a Milo taste it is limited in the strength due to the sachet size. Overall not bad though.
Nothing too different
Quite fiddly with two different packets to put into warm milk. I didn’t notice a major frothy difference in the product. Nice taste though
These are perfect to relax with while my baby is having a nap. They are super easy to make, not too sweet (I actually add a little bit of sugar), not too strong. Doesn’t end up lumpy nor are u left with unmixed contents at the bottom of the cup. They are abit pricey though so will buy them more on sale.

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