4.1 5 0 122 122 Milk chocolate coated pretzel centres in a thin crisp shell.
M&M's Pretzel
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Nice but...
I found this "OK", but not really my kind of taste. However, my Stepdaughter loves them and says she likes the combination of flavours with the salty pretzel, the chocolate and the sugary layer.
Savoury and sweet
This actually wasn’t too bad, it’s a nice texture with a savoury and sweet taste. I am a fan of plain m&m’s though. But nice to change it up and try something new. I will continue to stick with my preferred m&m’s though!
Almost perfect
I was given a bag for Christmas. It didn't last long. I've always liked chocolate pretzels but wasn't sure about these til I started eating them. They are a great balance of sweet and salty with enough peanut to make it different. I wish they were a bit larger, and of course that the bag was bigger.
Oh my, YUM!
Yum, yum and yum. Why have these not been made before! Love the Crispy but adding the salty crunch of a pretzel is genius. Might just be my new favourite
Perfect snack to crunch on while watching Netflix with the boyfriend! As a die hard fan of anything sweet and salty I had to grab a pack of these as soon as I saw them, with no regrets - well, maybe just one; they’re too hard to put down!
Good tasty snack
These are tasty snack with perfect balance of sweet and salty however i wouldn't say favourite still prefer the original M&M
Every time m&m's brings out a new flavour we always try them & this flavour did not disappoint! Woolies had them for $2.50 which was extraordinary so we obviously snapped them up to try at that price. My daughter has filled her toy vending machine with them as we're all addicted now. They are crunchy and delicious and unlike any of the other m&m's. Try them as they're really nice. Highly recommended.
wunderbarer Geschmack
Es schmeckt gut, lecker und hat eine schöne Form. Meine Kinder mögen das
Pretzel M&M's
These M&M's have a lovely taste with a perfect balance of sweet and saltiness. Sadly it was slightly dry but easily fixed by having a drink with it. The dryness cant be improved as that is the nature of the product but I would highly recommend it.
good balance
A good balance of sweet and savoury. Another great product from M&M 's. Can't wait to try the next new idea they bring out. Crunchy outer coating that we already love and pretzel inside....YUMMY. If you haven't yet give them a try for yourself.
Sweet treats
These are really yummy,not very sweet. Perfect size,my son loves it. Perfect way to reward him when he follow instructions.
Delicious sweet & salty
My daughter loved this delicious mix of sweet and salty made into a bite size ball.
Perfect balance of sweet and salty
Love these. They are a new favourite. I love the balance of sweet and salty. They are hard to say no to. Very moorish.
Nice chocolate
I liked these m&m’s. They have the characteristic colorful crispy outer and nice rich smooth chocolate with a small crispy middle that is the pretzel. It has a nice balance of sweet and salty. I would like a bit more of a salt flavor but I have bought these a few times and still like them a lot.
Not what I was expecting.
I bought these in excitement and was very disappointed. Could have been a bigger chunk of pretzel or something. I just found them sickening and I love chocolate coated pretzels. I would eat about 5 and be over it.

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