4.4 5 0 28 28 A fast and convenient way to enjoy a customer favourite . Their 100% Australian beef gravy pie is wrapped in our crisp, golden pastry. Can be eaten alone or enjoyed with a side serve of salad.
Mrs Macs Pies Microwave Beef
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Easy scrumptious pie you put in the microwave. 2 mins later nice and hot with added freshness
Fast and fab
When your looking for that fresh out of the oven type pie these are the next best thing and ready within minutes. Amazing how you can get flaky pastry in a microwave. Always look out for these when there on special.
Tasty and convenient pie
I have always heated up pastries, pies, pasties etc in the oven have not liked them heated up in the microwave. Hubby brought these pies home and at first I was skeptical and was blown away that a simple heat in the microwave products delicious, flaky pastry. I would definitely recommend these pies.
Brilliant and Convenient
Best invention. Not many pies come out of the microwave well, but this one does, making it great to take to work. I'll admit, it's not the same as coming out of the oven, but this is a microwave product and when on half price, it's a steal. Generally have this as a staple in the freezer
Quick & easy
I was a little bit dubious, often microwave pies come out weird in texture, but this came out flaky & crisp & the filling is delicious. Definitely buying again.
Love these pies , easy to cook either microwave or simply in the oven . They are normally on special at your local coles . You can buy some to snack on and freeze them !
Pies to buy
Love the fact you can put them in the microwave and it’s turns out as if you have put them in the oven. Great taste too.
Yum Yum
I love beef pies and Mrs Mac's is one of my favourites. How you can heat it in the microwave by just cutting the ends off the packaging and you finish up with a delicious slightly crunchy tasty beef pie. Doesn't get easier or better!
Mrs Macs Pies Microwave Beef
Mrs Macs Pies Microwave Beef tastes great and not soggy.Always handy to have in the freezer.
Mrs Macs Beef Pie
Love it Love the convenience and the taste As a matter of fact I’m having one for lunch today 😂
Genius idea
Amazing idea to finally have a pack that turns into microwave equivalent of baking paper. Pretty good result for a microwave pie, and much cheaper than buying a pie from the servo.
Best pie result from a microwave by a country mile! This product is convenient AND tasty. I always keep a few in the freezer for when I need to satisfy my pie craving. Hopefully they don't start skimping on filling to further maximise profit.
Finally a pie I can microwave
Love Mrs Mac's frozen products. Taste great & the family love them. You can microwave and they are not soggy. Always have some in my freezer.
pretty good for a microwave pastry
These pies turn out pretty good for microwave pastries. The pastry comes out crisp and quite flaky, and the meat filling is thick and tasty. many of these sorts of frozen pies are runny with too much thin "gravy", but these aren't. Even my very fussy husband enjoys them for a quick and easy lunch.
A quick and easy snack or meal
My fiancé LOVES having these in the freezer. They are his go to lazy lunch/quick after work dinner/ emergency 2am Saturday meal. I wouldnt say they are quite as good as a pie you would cook in the oven, but to be done in under 5 minutes definitely a reasonable trade on quality

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