Musashi High Protein Iced Chocolate Protein Shake

4.4 5 0 25 25 Musashi High Protein shake has been scientifically formulated to help you get the most out of your workouts. Multi-source protein and low in fat it is a great solution if you are aiming to increase lean muscle and repair your muscle tissue after exercise. Musashi High Protein shake is an easy way to boost your protein intake.
Musashi High Protein Iced Chocolate Protein Shake


Perfect for after gym workout
Tastes great and gives the boost I need after or before my workout. Wide range of flavours and conveniently located at supermarkets and vending machines.
Have protein in a bottle
Great size and creamy and delicious and nutritious and I love it .
Great taste
Myself and my family often drink this brand as we go to the gym daily it’s high in protein taste good fills you up and is good before and after a workout or even a walk
Great for on the run.
I not much of a chocolate fan but I bought this flavour buy accident love the taste. Now I buy 2 or 3 weekly it's quick and easy to drink when I'm rushing out the door with great dose of protein.
Great tasting, but very pricey
I enjoyed the taste, but couldn't see myself buying it consistently due to the high price.
Not good
Didn’t like the taste and is very pricey for it
Goes down well and tastes great
I have drunk Musashi Protein shakes multiple times, I often pick one or two up when I see them at the shop. I enjoy the taste, very true to the labels and I think they go down very smooth without making you feel horribbly ful. I would recommend this to anyone looking for a great between-meal snack.
Quick protein drink
Good quick protein drink to have on the go .tastes good .
Loved it!
This is such a yummy and filling protein shake! It tastes like a milkshake but you don’t feel guilty about it, and it’s a perfect snack after a late night gym session
Loved it
I was new to the whole ‘protein game’ when I first tried this. I had some bad experiences with other things I had tried. All I was tasting was gritty drinks and a horrible taste. But not this one. It is delicious!!!! You would’ve even know it’s a ‘protein’ drink. Great smooth chocolate flavour that is not to much. Yet still manages to tick all the other boxes you need from a protein drink with low fat/sugar and high protein.
yummy and filling
have these after gym session and I don't feel like eating, they're very filling
The best and great macros!
These are probably one of the best tasting, ready made protein shakes you can get. They also have really good macros and don't make me feel super bloated afterwards like some others.
Great taste
A high protein shake that tastes great and perfect for pre or post workouts. A good way to get extra protein into my diet.
My go to
This is a bottle of magic. Keeps me feeling full meaning I cut down on the snacking and I don't get bloated from these like other brands. And the flavours are really nice.
Quick, easy and yummy way of getting daily protein intake

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