4.5 5 0 4 4 Nad’s Hair Removal Natural Sugar Wax warms with body heat as it’s smoothed onto the skin and waxed away – along with your unwanted hair – to leave the skin hair free for weeks.
Nad's Natural Hair Removal Sugar Wax
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Really nice
Removes hair with ease. The best part is that it washed off easily with water you don't need to use oil wipes. Smells amazing as well
I found this product so easy to use and do myself instead of going to pay someone
Great brand
This is my go to wax. Easy to apply and washes off easily with water. Long lasting results and I use it all over my body. I will definitely repurchase. Comes with pre waxing wipes which is handy too. I like the fact that’s it cruelty free.
Ok product
The kit comes with heaps of product and lots of strips to use, however not all the product peels off and it’s very sticky left on skin

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